GOP Senators block GOP authored postal reform bill in bid to help Big Oil?

According to the Hill,  today’s failed cloture vote on the bipartisan postal reform bill had less to do with the postal service than with Republicans’ desire to protect the big oil companies:

Republicans on Tuesday voted to prevent the Senate from moving off Democrats’ pending bill that would levy about $24 billion in additional taxes on the domestic oil industry.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) engineered the coup, surprising Democrats by urging his GOP colleagues to oppose a motion to turn to the bipartisan 21st Century Postal Service Act. McConnell said he wanted the Senate to continue debate on the oil tax bill, which he, and most Republicans oppose.

Following McConnell’s floor comments the Senate voted down the cloture motion on the postal reform bill, 51-46. Thirty-nine Republicans and seven Democrats voted to keep the legislation from the floor.

The 21st Century Postal Service Act was authored by Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, and has bipartisan support.

via Republicans block Dems from moving off their own Big Oil tax bill – The Hill’s Floor Action.

  • reagan

    Republicans have lost touch with the the silent majority.

  • mcgoo

    your not surprised are you?

  • johnb

    they don’t need ’em, ’cause they are silent and most don’t vote..