Reports: Monmouth NJ, Corpus Christi TX plants to close

According to posts on the 21st Century Postal Worker message board, the US Postal Service is closing the plants in Monmouth NJ and Corpus Christi TX as part of its network realignment:

Yesterday district announced that the Monmouth P&DC facility would be consolidated into Trenton. I am hearing that the actions will be swift once the moratorium is lifted.

It is also my understanding that the only thing that will stop all these consolidations is if Congress steps in and mandates that service standards are not lowered.

And from a postal worker in Texas:

It’s official …. Corpus Christi, TX Plant will consolidate (close) to San Antonio, over 180 miles away. What a commute I’ll have to make now! This is a very sad day for us here.

21st Century Postal Worker – Downsizing USPS Message Exchange.

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