Complete USPS Consolidation List

Here is the plant consolidation list provided to the APWU (click the download or full screen links to enlarge)- click here for the Excel spreadsheet version:

USPS Consolidation List

USPS Consolidation List.

  • Glenn Koscielski

    I find this to be a death blow to the USPS! How congress and Obama can allow this to continue is beyond comprehension. Wiping out 200+ facilities and cutting 200k jobs is devastating economics! Republicans and industry insiders are anti union and anti government! Does anyone in DC actually listen to the public? I hope that those who support this plan are thrown out of office in November! The American people oppose this and 535 people believe otherwise! Labor unite!

  • jay camara

    I work for the post office and I see the waste that is there. The answer is maybe to close some due to the decrease of mail but FIRST get rid of waste of management that do nothing, people that sit around and collect big money with no production. The carriers ,clerks who actually do the work are the ones getting hurt and the people. Why do companied start cutting at bottom and not where they should at the top. The politicians could care less they sit back and enjoy there cussy pensions and under table payoffs by big lobists. It will soon all fall apart

  • JimC

    Not all supervisors sit on their butt and do nothing. Those people give those of us that work hard a bad name. I know the craft works hard, but so do some supervisors!!

  • Steve

    The sad thing is that they know the waste management is. But every one of them turns a blind eye.