USPS paid out $28 million in arbitration awards in 1st quarter

Reports filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission show that the US Postal Service paid employees over $28 million in arbitration settlements in the first three months of the fiscal year. That’s actually an improvement over the prior year- in the first quarter of FY 2011, the USPS spent over $52 million settling arbitrations.

Clerks received $12.7 million, city carriers $10.5 million, while mailhandlers and building services employees received about $2.5 million. Rural carriers received $459 thousand.

In addition to arbitration awards listed for bargaining unit employees, the USPS reported exactly $1 million charged to USPS Headquarters, which suggests a single lump sum award.

Expenses related to the arbitration process cost the USPS a further $697 thousand, down from the $1.3 million the agency spent in the same period a year ago.

  • jo

    This situation is because of arrogance,ignorance and incompence on the part of management.The contract is agreed upon by both sides.Both sides don’t agree with all aspects of the contract but must abide by it.When management bypasses the parts they don’t like and bully the workers then the post office wastes even more money than we always do.

  • Xacticus1

    Let’s see, USPS HQ filing and receiving arbitration awards on itself.

  • JackD

    I’d love to know what the one million charged to headquarterswas for.

  • cpttuna

    And how many management personnel were fired for costing the USPS portions of this total?

  • ifitmakessensetheydontdoit

    I bet this doesn’t even include all of the NRP cases, which apparently haven’t been heard yet in arbitrations, and I’m referring to single cases such as mine, NOT the McConnell suit, which is a class action and is separate.

  • bob komar

    it will continue until all levels of mgt agree THERE IS A CONTRACT! 9 out of 10 mgrs, should be terminated(inc district level andl e enfant) and in bfd ct I believe the pct,is even higher! CAN IT BE HIGHER?

  • Inside Man

    The USPS is over run by IDIOTS!
    It has 90% of Managers who have no idea of what they are doing…
    28million is nothing compared to the money spent on bogus contracts..
    Try purchases of high dollar black wax to wax a 700,000 sqft P&DC that was built to be wax free then multiply that by 500+ P&DC’s.
    You have no idea about the USPS waisting money!
    28million is a drop in the bucket!
    And Union Contract? Most Managers can’t spell Contract..

  • Joe PO

    Why is that we look to close Post Offices and save 250+ million and everyone says don’t bother it’s only pennies compared to the total budget deficit and yet everyone screams bloddy murder when 1/10th of that amount is spent on union greivances?

  • magnolia

    I’m glad to hear that SOMEONE can get a grievance settlement…. we can file a grievance, win it, and still not get paid…. we are waiting for pay we earned 6 months ago and STILL don’t know when or IF we will ever get it

  • tvraniak

    All settlements should be made public, since the public is paying for them in the form of postage rates. Consistant indications of abuse by individual managers should be tracked and when wrong deducted from their pay or future benefits. Anymore than three issues on a particular manager should be cause for removal or demotion. EEO lawsuites that find for the plaintiff, should be charged back to the specific manager, including legal fees paid by the post office. Continued issues where senior management are the cause of the position taken would require fees to be charged back to them also. I know of several senior managers that had lawsuits that totaled over a million dollars in one district, only to be transferred to another district and create the same cost and issues. These are hidden costs that are never published, but cost the USPS a lot of potential wages.

  • Joe PO

    TO: tvraniak

    Want to apply the same rules to the craft?

  • jo

    Who is the bigger culprit?My money is on management.