USPS awards $50 million contract for “Next Generation Retail Software” to Escher Group

Software supplier Escher Group announced on Wednesday that it had been awarded a major contract for its retail software by a ” leading Postal Authority”. Although Escher didn’t identify the agency, documents published on the Federal Business Opportunities web site indicate that it is the US Postal Service. Here is the Escher announcement:

8 February 2012 – Escher, a world leading provider of outsourced, point of sale software to the postal industry, is pleased to announce that, following a major tender process, it has been awarded a significant contract to provide its Riposte suite of software, maintenance and services to a leading Postal Authority.

The contract, which has a 54 month base period and renewal options, is expected to generate, over a fifteen-year term, approximately US$50m in revenue for the Group, but with scope for substantial additional revenue. The first revenue from this contract win, worth approximately US$4m, is expected in the year ending December 2012, with increasing revenue in 2013 as the software is rolled out across the network.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Liam Church, Chief Executive Officer of Escher, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce today’s contract win. This is a significant step forward in Escher’s growth and continued development”.

About Escher

Escher is a world leading developer and provider of outsourced, point of sale software for use in the postal industry worldwide. Its core software, RiposteEssential, enables post offices to expand upon their traditional offering, providing additional new services, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Riposte is a messaging middleware that enables applications operating on different computers to communicate with each other. The Riposte software manages data, monitors the system status and communicates across the network. Escher operates across two divisions – its Retail Software Division and its Message Based Communications Division.

The Retail Software Solution (RiposteEssential) serves the postal and courier markets. Transactions include mail and financial services and the system is integrated with utilities and financial services companies, banks and central and local governments.

Escher’s Message Based Communications Division (RiposteTrEx) is based on a digital post office box model and is designed to provide a national digital infrastructure linking governments, businesses and citizens via a secure platform.

  • Postal girl

    Why does USPS not have their own people who can do this work??
    Many employees have these skills and it could be done by postal employees

  • joe j.

    50 million? thought we were broke ! there they go outsourcing more work like to privatize us. go to the postal and click on fire the pmg. we need 25,000 signatures before feb 24 to be presented in the house. get involved do something to be heard! the clock is ticking. pmg donahoe states we will be declaring bankruptcy in september 2012 neither party will make a move to help us.if banruptcy occurs goodbye to everything! contracts will be voided, management can set policys and work standards as far as pay and benefits. do you want to make 12 $ per hour? i dont ! get involved and sign that petition

  • disgruntled postmaster

    Our company is asking us to trust them with our retirement and health care benefits. Yet they continue to make inappropraite business decisions daily. Decisions that cost our business millions because of failure to follow labor contracts or greed. Postmasters spend much of their day trying to do their jobs only to have higher ups reinvent the wheel. Scrap the top management and hire someone that gives a shit about keeping this organization alive to serve America.

  • Spr Vsr




    Just like the post offices to put in a system without any input from the people who actually uses it on a day to day basics thanks