NAPUS President asks Senate to include a moratorium on post office closings as part of reform

Rapoza Also Expresses Concerns that the Proposed Bill Could Reduce the Level of Health Care Coverage for Retirees and Asks that Management Associations be Included in Developing a Postal-Only Health Plan

Today, NAPUS President Bob Rapoza sent a letter to key members of the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, requesting consideration on some key issues that could impact Postmasters. On behalf of the 38,000 members of NAPUS, Rapoza expressed his appreciation for the Committee’s efforts to address the financial and operational difficulties confronting the Postal Service, but asked that they consider three issues before S. 1789 is moved forward for a proposed November 9th markup.

Charlie Moser

November 3, 2011

via NAPUS.

NAPUS Letter on S1789

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    Only 10

  • shackleford

    Here’s some, see what you can add.
    X things the post office won’t tell you:

    You are doing a great job.
    We appreciate the job you do.

  • PistolPeterson



    If employee is a CCA, fire the CCA for taking too long on the Route and having an unauthorized medical break! If a regular carrier, suspend the employee for 14 days without pay for the unauthorized medical break.

  • retired too

    Good job, young man !

  • hollywood

    Maybe congress will vote to reduce their pay and buy their own insurance like the private sector they endorse . ( When pigs fly )


    Time for Congress to do away with pensions for future employees and grandfather those current employees into their current retirement system. Congress should save social security and change retirement for future employees to social security and TSP(401k) only.


    Start one health plan that covers all federal employees and watch the cost of insurance drop dramatically, And every year all federal employees represented could shop for an insurance company to represent them and drop the cost of insurance cost even more.