DMA Applauds Introduction of ‘The 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2011’

November 2, 2011 — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) applauds Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Susan Collins (R-ME), Tom Carper (D-DE) and Scott Brown (R-MA) for introducing a bipartisan postal reform bill, “The 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2011” (Act) today.

The Postal Service (USPS) is in dire financial straits. It is imperative that the US Mail — a vital communications channel for the American public, the American economy, and DMA members — be placed on a solid financial footing and remain affordable to the American public and American businesses. The $1.1 trillion mailing industry and its over 8 million employees depend on it.

It is time for Congress to set aside differences and work on a bipartisan bill that can be signed by the President. Senators Lieberman, Collins, Carper, and Brown have taken a huge step in that direction.

This bipartisan bill tackles the difficult issues of USPS retiree health benefit prefunding, five-day delivery, door delivery, labor arbitration, and USPS down-sizing. We are pleased that the bill maintains nonprofit rate preferences and requires a study of underwater classes and products to determine how their costs are affected by USPS excess capacity.

DMA pledges to work closely with the Senate and the House of Representatives to bring to fruition a bipartisan bill that will ensure that USPS will remain a viable and affordable communications channel for the 21st Century.

via DMA Applauds Introduction of ‘The 21st Century Postal Service Act of 2011’.

  • GG

    The devil is in the detailsf this bill. This sounds good when first reading about it but it still ultimatley leads in the slow destruction of the USPS and the loss of thousands of middle class jobs over time. It also does not solve the REAL problem that originally crippled the USPS, which was the 2006 bill that mandated the post office pay years in advance for their retirees. It was determined that the USPS over payed by 75 billion and thus started the slowe financial decline of the USPS. This BIG LIE has been over looked and never really addressed seriously by those in Wsahington. I am guessing because that money is no longer there and those in Washington want to spin it so it looks like they didn’t do anything wrong. Time to tell the truth about the USPS!

  • annie

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  • rural carrier

    Of course the DMA supports this bill of destruction.
    Cut pay, cut benefits, reduce service, but don’t make the bulk mailers actually pay for the services provided.
    They will support anything that does not touch their unwarranted discounts.

  • Punky

    I heard from an insider, someone accidentally broke out with one sweat bead and the rest of the employees panicked…

    • Punky


  • John Donebar


  • doug

    cut saturday now !!! except for the dah-me mailman or dah-stupid mailman errrr !!!!! he is anti social or in another phrase a lifer that loves work dah !!!

    • RacerRay

      37 year carrier says keep 6 day. And Dougie. Learn to spell and type so we can understand you. Fifth graders are easier to comprehend than you.

      • real mailman

        Retire Ray

      • Crazyt6

        Keep trucking brother


      Keep trying Doug. Your getting better at it. You keep trying big boy

  • doug

    if your a 37 year carrier i guarantee your a major slug mate, woops my fault i was assuming you were pre school eraser ray


      And we bet your a runner. The more you do the more you get. If you have been in PO long enough you know this.
      Oh wait your under the post masters desk. Bet he loves you

  • mikey

    racer ray please retire or shut up !!!.. im sure your inefficent so walk out to improve the po

  • mikey

    damailman and ray ray please retire and work at walmart you big fart

    • real mailman

      Then those two can work all the Saturdays they want!

  • Mr. Postman

    In the long run, ending Saturday delivery would be the best thing the USPS could do to save money along with a reasonable adjustment to the PAEA of 2006 law so it could pay into the fund over a 30-year period instead of 10.

    For those of you who think going from 6-day to 5-day will be bad for the USPS, by the same thinking, if we went to a 7-day delivery schedule, would that be a better way? How much money would the USPS be losing then? I’m sure there are some people “out there” who would like their mail delivered every day of the week, but that’s not going to happen.

    Would going to 5-day delivery M-F pave the way for 4 or 3 day delivery? It’s doubtful, because most businesses are open M-F, and they would want their mail delivered on business days. The public will also. Congress will too.

    There’s several ways to turn the USPS situation around.

    1. Have Congress adjust the PAEA prefunding to more years instead of 10.
    2. Go to a 5-day, M-F delivery week for city and rural routes.
    3. Give incentives to people who want their mail daily to rent a PO box, or give them one for free. I never could understand why we charge rent for a PO box in the first place. Isn’t it cheaper to deliver mail to a PO box instead of door-to-door, curbside, or even a cluster box? You don’t need a letter carrier with a junky vehicle needing repairs all the time to do that, do you?
    4. Require the public to move their delivery point from the house to the curb, or a cluster box. Curbside delivery is far more efficient and safer for the carrier. It’s better for the homeowners because we do not have to cross private property. Less liability for them.
    5. Find more services to grow more revenue with.
    6. Stop subsidizing mail that causes the USPS to lose money. Media, non-profit, political, newspapers, and magazines need to pay their own way.
    7. Have aggressive audits to detect waste and fraud at all levels within the USPS. 8. Do energy audits on all facilities to make sure they are energy-efficient and not wasting energy.
    9. The USPS needs a bigger piece of the parcel business. The USPS needs MANY more flat-rate shipping boxes of different sizes and shapes for the needs of online sellers.

    My daughter and I do business online for extra income. We ship over a thousand items a year. It costs us $10.00 per week for daily pickups from FedEx. That’s $520.00 per year. It costs anywhere from $1 to $4 per pound for FedEx shipping on items that won’t fit into a flat-rate USPS box.

    In other words, if our items fit into a flat-rate USPS box, that’s how they will be shipped. If the USPS had some larger flat-rate boxes that cost $20.00 to $30.00 for shipping, I doubt if we would use FedEx anymore.

    • bozoshoes

      It costs you 520 a year just for a possible pickup from Fed Ex. How much regular postage do you think the AVERAGE household spends on postage?? Far less. And yet they think we work for them!!

  • South Dakota Carrier

    By the PMG’s own numbers, there will be a greater loss in revenue from stopping saturday delivery than the savings will be.

    That’s a good plan.

  • doug

    the real mailman spoke let eraser ray and the dam-mee mailman work saturdays at walmart