Union Launches Petition Drive to Save America’s Postal Service

President Guffey is asking APWU members to collect signatures on a petition to Congress urging senators and representatives to oppose USPS plans to close post offices, shutter mail processing facilities, and drastically degrade service to the American people.

In a letter to state and local presidents dated Oct. 26, 2011, President Guffey wrote, “It is urgent that we bring as much political pressure as possible to bear against the Postal Service’s plans to dismantle its network of processing, distribution and retail facilities.”

In addition to the petition, the letter includes a flyer with the message, “ Closing Post Offices & Mail Processing Centers and Cutting Service is Wrong.”

“No company can grow or even maintain its business by cutting its service. But that’s exactly what the Postal Service is proposing to do,” the flyer says.

In July, the USPS announced plans to close 3,700 post offices; in September, management announced plans to close 252 of approximately 460 mail processing centers.

In early October, the Postal Service posted a notice in the Federal Register announcing its intent to revise service commitments, eliminate overnight delivery of first-class mail and change two-day delivery to three days.

The proposed change in service standards acknowledges what the Postal Service has repeatedly denied: Slashing the mail processing network will result in drastic cuts in service to the American people.

“Reducing the scope and quality of service will not restore the Postal Service to health. It would likely drive mailers away and therefore worsen the Postal Service’s financial problems,” Guffey said.

“If every APWU member filled up one petition, we would have nearly two million signatures,” the letter notes.

The APWU is requesting that locals act at once to make this petition drive a success. Completed petitions should be sent by Nov. 14 to:

Save America’s Postal Service
American Postal Workers Union
1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005.

The national union will make sure that House and Senate members receive petitions collected in their districts or states.

Petition Form

Petition Drive Flyer

  • Postal Retiree

    Come on man…why keep nonrevenue producing Post Offices open if the same service can be provided at other local businesses? Also, why not stop Saturday delivery…anybody that has ever worked for the Postal Service knows that at least 25% of the carriers only have about four hours of work on Saturday and there are some that don’t have much more than that all week.

  • crazy

    Those who have under time on Saturday do street aux help to fill their 8 hrs. Routes have been squared off and consolidated to 8 hrs per day. It’s not the good old days anymore!!!

  • Mailman666

    Wow…I would like to work in those stations. I’ve worked 18 years for the Postal Service and rarely (once/twice a week) do I have “undertime” and we are watched in the office and on the street like we’re on criminals.

  • joe

    Anyone with any knowledge of the post office knows that the big problem that workers cannot officially make public is that there are far too many in management with much too much downtime.Half of the postmasters could easily “manage” 2 offices because of cell phones and computers.

  • Fran

    I’m sure my husband would like to work in those offices that only have 4 hours of work on a Saturday!!! He works his a$$ off everyday walking for at least 7 of the 8 hours he works eveyday. Cutting Saturdays is not the answer. Congress needs to do something about the pre-funding! NOW!!!