• Ken

    Your wrong you stupid moron

  • Gregg

    I agree with Mr.Ross on only 1 of his points.That is the USPS need to downsize it’s workforce through attrition or early out incentives.Bring it on,Denny!! The rest of his little schpeel is bulls**t. He’s sleeping with some chick that works for the GAO.They bring in Darrell Issa for a menage-a loser!!

  • Spike

    I find it amazing (troubling) the lack of knowledge and ignornace on this issue by our elected officials now leads me to think…are they idiots on all issues? I now seriously doubt the safety and national security due to the lack of intelligence of our elected officials (R,D and I parties). When/How did this happen?

  • pokey

    YOu are an F-ing lying idiot!

  • elly

    Wow! Does he really believe all the crap that he is spouting? It would be really nice if he could learn the true facts before he speaks. What about all of the Postal workers who are not retirement age when they close our facilities? And as far as I know, UPS does not transport USPS packages, but the USPS delivers theirs. And what about the independent audits that were previously done that proved the USPS had overpaid billions of dollars? Now the GAO is refuting that. Someone in the GAO must be pals with Issa and Ross. Heaven help all of America if these morons stay in office!

  • Robert

    Sorry, but he is right. UPS does do this, we do need to downsize, and both parties agreed to the outcome of the GOA’s findings of the overpayment, there isn’t one. Union is in denial and is trying to hold on to the past, it needs to be reformed.

    • brian

      Robert- please provide your source for your comment “UPS does do this”. If you can’t provide one, I guess we can just assume you’re one of Dennis’s trolls…

  • Dan

    Eligibile to retire after 25 years? News to me. UPS carries freight for mailers that becomes mail once it hits our docks. These people have been in politics all their lives,not knowing what it is to have a real job. They know what is best for the rest of us. Changes can be made with the Post Office that will make it better, dismantling it is not the answer. I’m proud of the job i do at the Post Office and it just eats me up knowing my future is in the hands of politicians

  • Compair

    Its to bad this reporter did not get her facts straight before doing this interview. Nothing was mentioned about prefunding retirement which is one of the problems. Why wasn’t someone who has another opinion also being interview? Answer Fox News is not interested in the truth. End of story.

  • Barry

    Imagine that. Someone telling a lie on Fox News.

  • Gravy Train

    Both UPS and FedEx fly priority outbound mail every night from my facility. The placards say “UPS” and “FEDEX” are routed to the airport and put on their planes.

  • Dan

    We use their planes as part of our network. If their volume is heavy our MAIL gets bumped back.

  • steve

    Not 1971, 2006 if I remember right,when George Bush was president. Most of Labor cost are for upper management who do not touch the mail! Appropriate retirements? Sounds like age discrimination. We deliver the last mile because it would be too expensive for FEDEX and UPS to deliver way out in the boonies, where the USPS is required to deliver to EVERY address in the country, whether it’s financially beneficial or not! Riss is an idiot almost as bad as his rich buddy Issa.

  • steve

    On a side note, I think the USPS is losing millions by providing a discount for big mailers that send their mail in to the USPS as walk sequence mail, and we turn around and run that mail just like it has a 44 cent stamp on it! They’re should be no discounts below a zone sort, not sure what the difference is, especially in bulk mail, maybe a bulk mail tech can fill me in. All I know is we run WSS mail just like a piece of first class mail at the plant!

  • soontogo

    50 % of the 80% is upper management that ups and fedex do not account in there labor cost. IE: 41Cents and 39 Cents for them. When they do there labor cost are also about 80%. the Postal service labor cost. that’s everyone that touch’s the mail is 43 cents. and our fleet is 30 times larger than there’s. our management is what is killing us. 7500 jobs gone they say! it was really only about 1500. everybody found jobs somewhere else in the usps. they really should cut about 20.000 management jobs . and give me my incentive! its comming by April.

  • soontogo

    and the GAO report just verified that it is the law to collect what they get from the postal service. it doesnt say it is not overfunded. just alittle something they leave out.

  • Terry

    Robert what the He__? Never mine it’s that dam_ Issa using the name of Robert!!

  • dltfw

    dltfw means dont let the fucers win to all my postal brothers

  • john

    dltfw means dont let the fucers win to all my postal brothers

    for short dltfw

  • john

    vote republicans we will all get mac n cheese every day one day mac one day cheese til they cut that they r all millionaire jackasses like pisssa

  • john

    Issa hole where r the payoffs coming from u r donahole postal brothers will survive the public isnt buying this crap