Congressman Ross can't handle the truth

Congressman Ross once again demonstrated his contempt for the truth by tweeting:

Right- the Congressman admits that the USPS has over 40 billion dollars involuntarily stashed away in “on budget” trust funds. There is no denying that the USPS, alone among all US companies and government agencies, is required to pump $5.5 billion of its revenues into that fund every year. It is simple mathematics to conclude that, if the prefunding requirement did not exist, the USPS would have been profitable over the last five years, and would have zero debt. Those are all facts, not opinion.

And yet Dennis Ross insists that the cause of the USPS’s debt is not the cause of it’s problems.

Ross has complained on his Facebook page that “lying politicians” are responsible for the US Postal Service’s financial “crisis”. On that point, I think we can all agree!

  • Barry

    “You can’t fix stupid!”

  • OG

    Ross is learning all the politricks from his crook buddy Issa.


  • Wake up

    They have stolen our money just like they did to social security and wont pay that back either. Instead they just talk about how social security is in trouble and needs help. Same old tricks and cover up just that it’s the postal service this time!!!!

  • Poor Richard

    Why can’t we return to the good old days. Joe McCarthy, Roy Cohn, oh….wait! We are returning even as I speak! Praise the GOP!

  • Mike

    I sent a tweet to Issa and Ross yesterday. To his credit, Ross did actually reply. When I asked about accounting tricks and prefunding, he did not have a reply. Willing to ask a question and then not answer is not a good way to prove your point Mr. Ross!

  • Mike

    try calling issas office I did and got no where with the guy he was insisting that his lies where the truth.

  • craft director

    Dennis Ross is my congressman. I find it very disturbing that he is posturing his position by lying. Have you no honor Mr. Ross? Everyone has a right to their opinion, but your opinion Dennis, is not based on facts.

  • navymikeusn

    Dennis Ross, is your typical chicken Hawk, HE IS all for sending our man overseas to fight a war he would never have to figth, because being a man of priviledge it just did not fit into his life of luxary, so let the poor, and middle class fight so he can reap the beneifits of the blood sweat and tears of our VETERANS. And that is what that knuckle head and Connie Mack along with the felon AKA AS the Lebanese Terrorist Darrall Issa are doing. Postal Jobs were suppose to go to Veterans but the two rich pricks ross, and mack and the terrorist Issa are trying to do everything in their power to destroy a True American Institution such as the USPS. Please Dennis the weasel, Connie the Jack Off, and Darrell the Lebanses Felon Veterans Day as a true Veteran Darrell who served honorably unlike you, and you know what i mean, Keep your mouth Shut, us True Veterans would rather you say NOTHING AT ALL. Enclosing if i offended anyone else I as a veteran am sorry this is not being a good Christian. Ross, Mack, Issa go F UR Selves.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Ross used to be a high-paid lawyer for Disney……..guess he learned about illusion and cartoonish behavior while he was there.

  • issa darrell

    My latest twitter exchange with the postal destroyer RepDennisRoss Dennis Ross
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    @proudlib2 @DarrellIssa Bipartisan GAO report eviscerated 1351. #usps not owed $75 billion. Taxpayers have had it with bailouts.

    nalc4739 Steven Kick
    11 hrs
    @postalreporter @repdennisross @darrellissa your right prefunding alone is not the problem it’s prefunding and Issa/Ross

    RepDennisRoss Dennis Ross
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    @nalc4739 hardly. Thats just intellectually dishonest.
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    @RepDennisRoss it’s 100 percent honesty. Your the only cosponsor of hr 2309. How many sponsor hr 1351?? 226>1.

  • postal clown

    Two negatives do not make a positive. These two idiots don’t have much time left in congress. I predict they, along with their other GOP buddies, will be voted out in 2012. The congress definitely needs a flushing out.

  • Timbo

    I have stated all along that Washington has been stealing our money, but unlike the people on social security, we WILL take ours back. One way or another!!!