Internet users not impressed by USPS anti-Internet commercial

The USPS has been running a TV commercial touting the safety and security of the US Mail, as compared to the dark and dangerous world of the Internet. Not surprisingly, Internet users don’t appear to be leaving the web in droves- a sampling of Twitter reactions follows the video. (Doesn’t anyone at the USPS see the irony in running ads like this one at the same time they’re telling Congress they don’t need all those post offices because people can buy stamps on the Internet using their credit card?)

USPS trying to convince people of the awesomeness of paper bills was sad.
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Just saw a USPS commercial encouraging businesses to send out paper invoices instead of electronic – r u freakin kidding me?
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When the usps is advertising that we want secure paper bills because you, ‘cant hack a fridge’ you know they are screwed.
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New USPS commercials almost look like they’re making fun of themselves.
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Really USPS, you might not want to say you’re better than email bc it can spread viruses. One word: anthrax.
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USPS is DOOMED. No one ever got anthrax or a physical bomb emailed to them. Your agency should be fired.
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  • Larry

    I work at the retail counter on the north shore of long island. how about we stop wasting money on advertising. Like flat rate shipping. flat rate has done sh-t to improve our bottom line but I guess someone most have a family realitive in the advertsing business.
    how about we rid ourselves of 20 to 30 percent of do nothing management for starters

  • mike

    People should be using the mail instead of all this email crap. Wait until something big happens and the internet goes down then we’ll see how many people will run back to the post office. I hope they all tell you sorry you should have stayed with us when you had the chance.

    • brian

      mike- people should be walking instead of driving, too. And visiting in person instead of talking on those new-fangled telephones. And going to the theatre instead of watching TV. And attending live concerts instead of listening to the radio or their iPods. But none of that is going to happen either- get used to it- after all these years, the Internet is not a fad- and it’s not going “down” anytime soon. It’s not a centralized system- one part goes down, traffic gets routed around the outage and life goes on. People didn’t go back to kerosene lamps after the Great Blackout did they?

  • MIKE


  • Manager

    Larry excellent points except long island is bloated and top heavy with clerks. I hate to say it, then again no I dont… you clerks are goners long before any managment will be touched. The typical shuffle shell game will be done to protect our ranks and then you tools will be given your marching orders to report to such and such office at a time you dont like, a distance you wont want, and a lunch that is too long.

    Good luck douchebag.

  • Jon

    Yeah and I hope these dummies take us to 5 days a week too! So I can carry mail 12 hours a day in 5 days rather than 10 hours in 6! And make more $$$. How the hell is that saving money? We make double time over 10 hours! Just sayin

    • brian

      Jon- assuming it really does take you 10 hours to do your route now, why would it take two hours more on five day? Since when does it take 20% more time to stick 6 letters in a box than 5?

      More importantly, what makes you think the rules about “double time”, and temporary carriers to “supplement” the carrier work force are etched in stone? You do realize that there are contract negotiations going on, don’t you? And you do realize that the APWU contract was settled with stuff like NTFTs and a two tier wage system, right? That means the USPS can hold out for big concessions, and if the NALC doesn’t give in, they’ll happily let it go to arbitration, knowing that they’ll get an award almost exactly the same as the one the APWU agreed to. I’m not saying it’s right- just saying it’s reality.

  • Michael

    The writing is on the wall. Bank of America charging $5 to use debit card. Fees increasing. Its just a matter of time when companies start charging $3-5 to make an on-line payment or a cost to send an e-mail. They are just waiting a little longer to push the Post Office under then, WHAM! Mark my words, its coming!

  • Evil Clownmaster

    I am a PM in a 22 and can tell you the Flat Rate Shipping was put in place to make the privatization. Now when your post office is closed you can just go to Stop n Shop, WalMart, or some bodega. The worker there won’t have to know anything about zones and prices. Just shipping rate A, B, or C. Offer some basics like stamps and flat rate shipping and bingo thousands of post offices are closed. Not advocating it but that is what is going to happen. Bye bye Mill Neck, Bayville, East Norwich, Woodbury, Jericho, etc etc etc.

  • jeff

    i think it is one of the best commercials that the post office has put out yet. they are right all you get by paying your bills online is your personal information hacked into. statistics now show that 1 out of 10 peoples identities will be hacked into. these companies that promote online bill paying do not pass on the savings to you,they only layoff more workers. the postal service has always been and will always be the safest and most secure way for americans to communicate. 44 cents is cheap insurance to assure that americans keep working. think about it!!!!!

  • jeff

    i think it is one of the best commercials that the post office has put out yet. they are right all you get by paying your bills online is your personal information hacked into. statistics now show that 1 out of 10 peoples identities will be hacked into. these companies that promote online bill paying do not pass on the savings to you,they only layoff more workers. the postal service has always been and will always be the safest and most secure way for americans to communicate. 44 cents is cheap insurance to assure that americans keep working. think about it!!!!!

  • Larry

    I bet you are related and never worked at all. all you do is watch us work. How do you live with yourself.
    what do you tell your family.
    Hopefully they will just say youre gone since you have no protection.
    You sound like you had your luncj money taken throughtout school LOL Loser

  • Fresno Man

    Why should anyone be surprised; current leadership at USPS is stuck in the past. CEO, CMO, even the CIO are all focused on hard copy mail. They put forth the attititude – “Don’t worry that First Class Mail is going away, we’ll save the business with adverstising mail”

    All they can envision is how to cut the size of the traditional mail network as the way to return to profitability. They can’t seem to envision, nor do they understand, how to embrace digital solutions to intertwine with what may remain of hard copy.

    The Board of Governors has the wrong team in charge. If all they want is “cut,cut,cut…” then that is what they got. The PMG and his team talk about a visions; all they have is a desperate plant to try to get through the next 3 years and it doesn’t look like that will work. It is doomed to fail, you can’t cut enough to stave off the changing marketplace. Just ask Kodak.

    What USPS needs is leadership that has a real vision of an entirely different way to operate. Can’t have a vision that merely looks like a smaller version of what is already being done.

    Not only does USPS have to change, but so does the whole industry around it. Mass marketing through saturation in the mail just doesn’t work. A much smaller, more focused targeting of mail linked to digital communications is the way to go. Throw out all of the current product structure (First Class, Periodicals, Standard, etc) it has no meaning. Throw out the price structure along with it. Shrink the volume significantly, but make it much more targeted and linked to digital communication. In turn, the prices will go up to reflect the higher value.

    This may be an organization with less than 100 Billion pieces of mail and an operating budget under $50Billion and less than 400,000. But smaller is better and profitable.

  • Edward

    I could not have said it better Larry bet ya manager is a lazy ass supervisor somewhere

  • Anthony



  • Gregg

    Can’t wait for the warm an fuzzy feel good holiday commericials to air. The LLV traversing a snowy road to deliver your Christmas cards and packages,with a sentimental holiday song playing in the background.I’m getting misty just thinkin about it!!

  • Gregg

    Brian has a point.I have been a member of the APWU for nearly 30 years.They pretty much sold us our last contract with things like”It’s the best we can expect,given the difficult circumstances the USPS is in”Thousands of jobs will be returned to the clerk craft.NTFT and PSE employees who are not guarenteed a 40 hour work week,and new hires (whatever) making $15 an hour.Let’s not even get into excessing.Fact is,75% of APWU members voted YES!! I hope all NALC members will be diligent in the days and weeks ahead.Don’t let them sell you something you think is unfair to not only you,but all of your members.

  • Warren

    50% right Brian;

    The Nalc will see the holes in the APWU contract and correct them in these negotiations

    and if it goes to arbitration the NALC will not get the same contract as the APWU with NTFT and PSE employess

    the most is raising the TE and Casual levels in the carrier force and reduce the pay levels of the CSRS by attrition

    The APWU new contract got year increases and COLA’s, so will the NALCand the NO LAY OFF CLAUSE

    Will see!!!!

  • brian

    Warren- How does the NALC “correct the holes”? Why would USPS settle for less than it got from APWU without something in return? And why won’t the NALC get the same deal in arbitration that the APWU got in negotiation? The arbitrator knows that the provisions in the APWU contract were agreed to by both sides, and overwhelmingly approved by the APWU membership. If I’m an arbitrator, that tells me that the APWU agreement is fair and equitable, and allows me to use it as a template for an award. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that in similar cases in the past, the union that went to arbitration got pretty much the same deal as the union that settled.
    Again, I’m not saying I like this, but I don’t see how there’s going to be a different outcome.

  • PhillC

    For all the INET believers Think of this! There is a direct relationship between ID theft and internet use. If you do not believe this check the Data!, Also when someone does steal your internet information who do you call? Ghostbusters? With real mail you have a recourse the inspection service!. With internet you might call someone BUT they are on a different continent! Maybe they speak clearly maybe not. The postal service wins! Hands down…

    • brian

      I’m not sure what an “INET believer” is- the Internet is a communications network, not a religion, but you don’t seem to too familiar with how financial transactions work. You may not buy things online with your credit card, but when you buy something in person at your local post office with your card, the purchase information is transmitted over the Internet. Same with any other transaction at any retailer. Unless you know someone who still uses an old knuckle buster card imprinter, and mails the slips to their bank every day, all of your credit and debit card transactions use the Internet. Also- most card issuers provide the option of “virtual” online credit card numbers- valid only for a limited time and dollar amount, and only valid for purchases at a single merchant. If someone else gets that number, they can’t use it. Unlike say, a person who steals your credit card number from a mailed paper document. And I wouldn’t count on the Postal Inspectors making your identity theft problem go away- they don’t provide personalized investigative services for anyone who says they only use the mail for financial transactions. And in case you haven’t noticed, they seem to spend a lot of their time these days investigating Internet crime- child pornography, and yes, identity theft.

  • MYB

    USPS should look to the Canadian Postal System. They seen how the web was going to change their business and to a leading role in delivering secure online bills. We could learn something from our neighbors to the North.