Sen. Carper Statement on USPS Announcement Regarding Changes to Its Distribution Network

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Senate subcommittee that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, released the following statement on the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement regarding changes to its distribution network:

"Obviously I am deeply saddened to learn that the Hares Corner processing center in Delaware has been included in the U.S. Postal Service’s list of nearly 250 distribution centers around the country – including two others in our region – that will be studied for closure. It is painful any time the possibility emerges that a community could lose a postal facility – be it a post office or a distribution center – and I know that communities in Delaware and around the country are struggling with the ramifications of the Postal Service’s proposals.

"Like the recently released list of 3,700 post offices also being studied for closure, today’s announcement is just the start of an official process that must be reviewed by both the Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission. This review process involves a public comment period and additional studies on the impact this decision could have on the affected community before it can move forward. I will be following the review process closely to ensure that it is transparent and fair to employees and customers – both business and residential – in Delaware that depend on the Hares Corner facility.

"Today’s announcement is part of an ongoing effort by the Postal Service to streamline its business operations to reflect reduced demands for its services. This dramatic step of proposing to close hundreds of distribution centers around the country underscores again the very dire financial challenges it faces. The hard truth is that, if nothing is done, the Postal Service is going to lose $10 billion this year. Congress and the Administration must act quickly to help the Postal Service save itself. Failure to act will result in the Postal Service being insolvent within a year, if not sooner, bringing more pain to communities across the country and wreaking havoc on our already fragile economy."

via Press Releases – Newsroom – Tom Carper, U.S. Senator for Delaware.

  • Kingfisher552

    This ship hit the iceberg many years ago. But USPS was awash with cash and no one cared about tomorrow. The ship is being dismantled starting with the engine room. In reality, the captain and all his department heads should have been gotten rid of long ago. All the big shots got too comfy in their positions, and are now scrambling to justify their own little fiefdoms. The crew that swabs the deck, feeds coal into the engine, hauls in the anchor, and serves the food is going to be sacrificed so the captain and his cronies can pat each other on the back on a job well done.

  • Pete


    It’s sad, but very true.

  • old clerk

    well said Kingfisher

  • Charlie

    We can’t be losing money! Just last week I offered to come in on my off day to cover a vacant position and go home after 6 hours as that was all that was needed to cover the position. Instead they paid two other clerks two hours of OT and two hours of PENALTY EACH because they were told by District no off day overtime. WTF?

  • Haywood Jablome

    BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA ………it’s the same old crap!

  • Herron Cornell

    I’m coming back to carry mail as a ghost!!!!

  • KC

    Brilliant Kingfisher! Mail volume has declined by over 20%, the company is losing nearly 1 billion dollars each month, and it’s all the fault of upper management. Look at companies all over the U.S. that are closing their doors. Bad management, or a bad economy? I don’t think congress is going for a bail out similar to what the auto companies got. 5 day delivery, close or consolidate offices and plants, and how about this one. If the unions want to save jobs, why not taking a pay cut to insure the junior employee is not on unemployment? Where is that spirit of union brotherhood?

  • postman

    Kc is a postmaster somewhere..hope they get you before me.

  • Joe North

    How are they gong to eliminate the Business Mail Entry Units. They are going to drive 1000’s of customer away who will not drive 40 miles.

  • Mark

    Great post kingfisher! I believe there is time to save this sinking ship with the help of Congress, but they are too worried about the upcoming elections and saving their overcompensated jobs. There will probably be a temporary one year agreement to “help” the USPS until the elections are over. Thanks to the members of Congress who have stepped up to save the USPS the right way with HR 1351. To Rep. Issa and all his other republican cronies shame on you ( wanted to use much stronger words, but changed my mind at the last minute!)

  • Terry

    Senator Carper and the balance of Congress need to look in a mirror to find out the real reason that the USPS is in any financial problems. 1. Congress mandated OIG with Postal funds paying the bill. 2. Prior retiree’s overpaying to the tune of $50-$70 Billion Dollars 3. Congressional Mandate to prefund retirees 75 years out?? Corrections necessary: 1a. Congress pay back the charges for the OIG since 1996. 2a. Congress allow the USPS to use the previously overfunded retirements. 3a. Congress repeal the refunding requirement. Lastly, repeal the SOX act since the USPS is not a SEC traded company. Then the USPS would have the time to systematically correct the issues concerning the mail volume losses with minimal impact on the employees that have carried the System. Look at : Cutting the VP’s at Hdq. Falling volumes and employees mean less higher management necessary. Let the people of the Nation decide on the 5 day/6day or? delivery. Possibly review or revamp Headquarters and the Board of Governors! They are ultimately responsible for not viewing ahead far enough to plan for volume loss and not pushing back on Congress in each instance. PMG Potter was working very close with Microsoft and other large computer firms. He and his crew were taking much credit and bonuses for making many changes within. Why did he or his crew not see that the internal changes they were making within the USPS were also ocurring throughout the Nation and plan accordingly? (We kept building facilities) Where was the Board of Governors during all these changes? They were suppose to be business leaders looking to the future! As far as I am concerned, the USPS is where it is today due to Congress and HDQ and possibly trying to manuever the USPS into a private organization for their own personal gain.

  • donieray

    Hey U voted for these people !!! like issa now u crying be careful what u vote for u just might GET IT!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Carper’s Hells Corner facility should be the FIRST one closed. That’s KARMA.

  • BS

    close them all just like the pay telephone nobody needs them anymore. five years ago Borders was an up and coming bookstore samething

  • Frankie

    The Post Office is planning on consolidating 252 processing plants. If this happens, not only will there be local job loss but a local letter will take 2-3 days to get to the destination. Save Americas Postal Service without using tax payer dollars. Print the Petition at and have your friends, family, & co-workers sign it. Then send all the signatures you collect to your congressman. To find your congressman’s address, visit You can also email you congressman. Just goto, type in your zipcode, and then email your representative. Ask them to support the Bill HR 1351.

  • Gregg

    Marvin Runyon is laughing right now!!Hey,we thought he was an asshole!!Turns out,he was not so bad after all!!Welcome Mr.Donagoober!! The fun has just begun!!Go ahead and try to reneg on the recent APWU contract.We dare you!!Your messin with the wrong people!! How dare you even suggest something like this!!You’ve already screwed up thousands of USPS employees lives either from relocating,excessing,terminating etc…Remember,Mr.Donaclown,anything you do will have a domino effect on not only the public we serve,but also all business’s that use the USPS.Sorry Mr.Donahoe,You’ve been Chopped!!