NALC Talking Points on the USPS Financial "Crisis"

NALC Talking Points on Postal Finances

  • David

    You know, NALC….Of course, the time is now to get the correct information in front of the public, with an eye to solutions… Right?
    But, oh, please, once and for all, come clean about your complicity in this whole mess…Please note the January 2007 Postal Record, in which you crow:

    “Thanks to NALC and a coalition of other unions
    (the Rural Letter Carriers and the Mail Handlers),
    management associations, vendors and mailers, Congress
    rejected almost all the negative recommendations
    of President Bush’s blue-ribbon Commission on
    the Postal Service. Instead it crafted a balanced compromise that emphasized pragmatism over ideology.”

    And it continued …

    “The Bush administration had different ideas. It
    sought to complete the heist of the $27 billion and it
    tried to inflexibly earmark 100 percent of escrow
    savings for retiree health benefits.
    In both cases, we prevailed over the White House.
    The new law sets out a 10-year schedule for using
    the escrow and military pension savings to dramatically
    reduce the Postal Service’s massive unfunded
    liability for retiree health insurance, while also providing
    some flexibility for other uses. In so doing, we
    secured more than $100 billion for the Postal Service
    in the decades to come and protected the interests of our current and future retirees,
    whose health benefits will be fully funded.”

    Oh, yes, and this….

    “The bill passed when none of the postal unions
    (including the APWU, which now claims to oppose
    the bill) and none of the other major stakeholders
    sought to prevent its adoption under unanimous
    consent rules in the Senate.”

    I mean, really…We are all in the same boat, right? We would all like to finish our careers with dignity. Just, please, don’t talk out of one side of your mouth thinking that maybe it will be hard to understand and impossible to remember, what you said in the past.

  • brian

    So David- what’s your point? Because the NALC tried to get what it thought at the time was the best reform bill it could get from a Republican Congress and White House, it shouldn’t try to get that law changed now that it’s endangering the very existence of the USPS? Nothing in your post is new- no one who supported PAEA in 2006 thinks it has worked out the way they thought it would. Are you saying that having supported a law that turned out to be a bad idea, they have no right to try and fix it? That’s ridiculous.