NAPS: Pay For Performance freeze doesn't apply to USPS supervisors, either

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors:

NAPS requested clarification from Postal Headquarters regarding the announcement that Postal Service officer and executive compensation would be frozen, as it relates to the Postal Service’s pay-for-performance program. Postal Headquarters stated that the USPS Awards Program for employee recognition and incentive awards which includes monetary SPOT Awards, AVP Awards, etc. will be suspended until further notice. The pay-for-performance (PFP) program pertaining to field EAS is not subject to this suspension. Furthermore, NAPS pay agreement with the USPS regarding PFP expired on October 1, 2010. Therefore, at this time, NAPS is under no agreement with the USPS regarding PFP after FY2010.

via The National Association of Postal Supervisors.

  • charlie

    27 yrs. as a carrier permits to this: I’ve never seen any “performance” which would be rewarded with free lunch never mind a bonus as the results of my being pushed harder to deliver 25-30 feet of mail daily. Refresh the memory, what is exactly they do for the bonus aside from from getting screamed at over the tele-com about too many hours used then go and push the carriers some more. For the most part a jacket hung over a chair is just as effective as any supervisor. I’ve been offered 2o4b three times during my 27 yrs. No Thanks! the guy with the ties are the definition of irrelevent.

  • Pelosi

    It may be that you just aren’t smart enough!

  • michael

    charlie is the smart one, going home from a day delivering the mail and taking a shower is better than”supervisor” job anyday, at least we accomplished something without selling our soul to the higher up and feel good about or work

  • Jsut Saying


    Do you get COLA? Yes!
    Do you get Contractual Increases? YES!
    These are negotiated and are automatic for EVERY member of craft.
    PFP took the place of these for EAS and nobody gets it AUTOMATICALLY. Some get less and some get more than your automatic raises. Is it really a bonus?

  • Constance

    As EAS employees do not get step increases like craft does; pay for performance is the only avenue they have to get (if they meet their goals) any kind of salary increase. Due to these goals being pushed down their throats with no consultation results on most of them not receiving any or a 2% salary increase; and maybe Charlie you should have tried being a 204B maybe you would understand better what a supervisor or manager does all day besides pushing carriers and clerks and I am sure you would not like being yelled at all day over not meeting goals, dealing with customers, employees, lack of staffing in some offices; financial reports and the never ending paperwork that has to be done every day and it is not selling your soul to the higher up, there will always be someone in charge and when I was growing up I was taught to respect those I worked for whether or not I liked them. See what would happen if you were in the Military and you ignored or confronted a superior.

  • PIVOTMAN2011

    25 to 30 feet of mail a day Charlie? Really? Not in this day and time, not if you even carried your route twice. It’s amazing how carriers and clerks think that the same amount of work being done today is the same as it was 10 years ago when there was decent mail volume. If you ‘worked’ for any other business and your workload declined, what do you think that employer would ask for? Shut up, suck it up and be glad you still have a job!!!

  • gandhi

    constance give me some kleenexes this isnt the military if it were the supervisors or 204bs would have lost their command a long time ago

  • chris

    of course the supervisor pay wont be suspeneded!!! If the postmaster general will just only look at the waste of money that management has contributed to our debt and realize that they are NOT the working force of the usps!!

  • jimbo

    the usps is screwed up because of pay for performance.any doubts?????????????we used to clock in and sort and deliver the we clock in and all we hear is be sure to scan the hot sure to hit your advo sure to scan every parcel.hit all your msp scans.hurry up and get out on the street.its funny we never hear any talk about the mail or the importance of delivering it to the correct address etc.postal supervisors get paid like everyone else,why offer them extra pay to destroy the postal service

  • jimbo

    hey pivotman…………we dont get 30 ft of mail now but when we did we only had 300-350 i have 650 deliveries and they are planning on adding more.if we did get 30 ft now id be working 24 hrs a over 50 yrs old and walk for the better part of the day.the usps never takes age into consideration when they make adjustments to bet my left nut you are a young ptf that thinks they deserve a position at full time regular because you think you work so much harder than everyone else. wait in line like the rest of us did moron

  • PIVOTMAN2011

    Just so I’m correct Jimbo, when you had 300-350 deliveries and 30 feet of mail, you delivered roughly 12 pieces of mail to each or minus a few pieces here and there. Now that you have 650 deliveries and let’s just say you deliver 10 feet of mail a day, that equals out to just over 2 pieces of mail to a box… you want any reasonable human to believe that it takes the exact same amount of time to deliver 2 pieces as it did 12? Sure, good luck with that. By the way, I haven’t been a PTF for some time now and I did have my own route once…I am, however, smart enough to realize that to survive, we have to evolve as a service. Of course, I’m sure you would want us all to believe that delivering mail in an LLV is the same as on horseback and isn’t any faster…………….

  • Route4

    Charlie may indeed have 25 or 30 feet of mail a day. In the more affluent areas, the volume hasn’t dropped nearly as much as in the average areas. In my area the bulk volume INCREASED this past Xmas season from the year before. Rich folks are still getting plenty of big catalogs, believe me!