Congressman Ross vows to root out imaginary “paid reserve staff” at USPS

Congressman Dennis Ross appears to believe that the US Postal Service has something called “paid reserve staff” who “wait daily until needed”. Ross has to take this seriously, since it was posted on Twitter! By a cartoon character!

RepDennisRossDennis Ross
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@PecosRoyBean That will be part of the reorganization for sure. That type of employment is unacceptable.
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Meanwhile, Ross has yet to respond to a nonprofit mailer understandably concerned about the Issa bill’s proposed 61% increase in nonprofit postage rates:

61% 6.5yr incr 4 #nonprofitpostal. WOW! Who fills the void of gov’t social prog’s? Oh yeah. Nonprofit Orgs. @DarrellIssa @RepDennisRoss
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  • clerkman

    what we should do for reform in the usa
    is realign all the congressional districts
    to give each congressman an extra 1/2 a districtthus eliminating 100+ congressman
    their salaries, benefits and so on.
    I bet that savings could save over a billion a year
    which could be used toward our deficit?
    Issa are you listening?


    Typical dumbass……..and you put this in office……….

  • GERRy

    isnt there any way to get this idiot away from postal affairs?

  • OG

    Rep. Ross assumes USPS has gazillions of employees sitting on their behinds while getting paid the big bucks. We move the mail everyday no matter how much crap we hear from him. I guess Rep. Issa is teaching his protege the ropes. Perhaps Issa should remind Ross of the time he placed his employees on lay-offs and shipped his company’s jobs to China.
    BTW, that postal “reform” bill they came up with is a waste of taxpayers’ money.


  • Barry

    Issa having a “fire” sale? (no pun intended) lol

  • OG

    Speaking of “fire” … Issa was investigated in the past for a mysterious fire at his company’s warehouse. Although he wasn’t charged, police reports suspected Issa was the culprit while insurance money was the motive. Just saying.


  • Big AL

    I’ll show him where we hide them if he’ll show me the dead alien bodies held by the govt, oh and the carcass of a Bigfoot also. What a moron!!

  • bubba

    ross you and issa are the dumbiest people i know!!!!!!!the only ones sitting on their behinds doing nothing are ross and issa!!!!replace ross and issa!!!!!!!

  • bubba

    on the count of 3 everyone say ross and issa are the biggest losers(but count slow ross and issa aren’t very quick)ok here we go 1.2.3 ROSS AND ISSA ARE THE BIGGEST LOSERS!!!!!GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!

  • Stephen

    Congressmen Issa (the crook) and Ross (Tea Bag 90 Day Wonder), couldn’t do my job if their worthless lives depended upon it. They each have an axe to grind against Unions and the Middle Class. They and their corporate masters (Grover Norquist) too should each be tried for treason!!!!!!!!

  • Logicsays

    This is very sad. Unfortunately, we have elected representatives that are actively trying to destroy an institution that was created by our founding fathers and has served this country for over 236 years. The only motive is obviously private profits for their political cronies at the expense of the American people. It would be nice if someone would begin a fund to legally sue both Issa and Ross in court for crimes against the constitution. How about it? I would contribute generously to that fund.

  • Feduppostman

    I hope Issa and Ross realize that all USPS problems could be solved by forcing postal management to eliminate all the phony make believe made up jobs. How many people who are on the payroll do not touch the mail? 100,000. 120,000. Does anyone not believe we could operate with maybe 50,000 or 60,000 of these people. I work in a office in a city with a population of 42,000. We have 4 full time managers sucking up 300,000 in salary and bonus alone. Ridiculous. Why are these management jobs not being eliminated. I bet we have 6 to 8 billion in waste on the payroll. Issa and Ross are trying to punish the workers for managements decisions. Why are they letting postal management off the hook. Where is the accountability.

  • Feduppostman

    I challenge Issa and Ross to do a little investigating. And then share some knowledge with us. How about they post exactly how many persons on the payroll of USPS do not touch the mail. Then post the total compensation for these so called workers. Then tell what percentage they are of total USPS compensation. If total USPS compensation is 49 billion and non essential employees are 20 or more billion that is outrageous and totally unacceptable. USPS could pre fund and break even if everyone had a REAL job.