CUPW strikes in three small communities- claims CanadaPost lockouts in Nanaimo, Sherbrooke, and Cape Breton

June 14, 2011

Tonight, at 11:00 p.m. local time, the following locals will begin 24-hour strike action:

Salmon Arm, BC
Carboneer, NFLD
Sioux Lookout, ON

These locals have been selected because they demonstrate the importance of our public postal service to smaller communities. A privatized postal service would not provide adequate postal services to the thousands of smaller communities, such as the three communities selected to participate in strike activity tonight.

Altogether there are 23 workers employed at these locations representing 0.05% of the CUPW membership.

This evening, postal workers in Scarborough, Toronto and Montreal will return to work.

CPC Locks Out Workers; Stops Postal Service

It has been confirmed that today, CPC locked out CUPW members and prohibited postal services from being provided in Nanaimo, BC, Sherbrooke, QC and Breton, NS.