Canada Post workers hit the picket lines in Montreal and Toronto

OTTAWA – Postal workers in two major urban centres – Montreal and Toronto – went out on rotating strike last night.

Postal workers from three of the largest locals in the Canadian Union of Postal Workers brought the total of those on strike to over 15,000 over a 24-hour period, starting at 11:30 pm EDT.

Canada Post’s punitive reduction of hours for its staff and limiting postal service to 3 days a week has effectively locked out its employees across the country, leading to piles of undelivered mail. In response, locked-out workers are staging activities across the country, combined with the largest walkout yet in the 11-day strike.

"Canada Post has already locked out almost half of the members of the Toronto Local," said Irwin Nanda, CUPW’s National Director of the Metro-Toronto region. "Management is refusing mail service to the public."

"Management is penalizing our members for exercising their right to strike," said Gerry Deveau, CUPW National Director for the Ontario region, including the 2000-member strong Scarborough local. "Reducing the work schedule to three days a week creates hardship for postal workers and their families."

"Canada Post’s decision to refuse our offer to suspend our strike and lock us out hurts thousands of people in Montreal," said Jacques Valiquette, National Director of the Metro-Montreal region. "This provocation has motivated us to go out on the picket lines again."

  • Mary McDonald

    This kind of disruption is the reason that services like these should be privatized. Booo to you cupw and your members. I sent 2 time sensitive documents that should have been delivered before the lock-out and they weren’t. I should have been warned at the postal outlet but we were instead assured that the documents would be delivered on time. Next time, and in the future, I will always use a private courier. Thanks for nothing, I hope that is what cupw’s members get!