Linn’s: Vegas Liberty undetected for more than two years

Linn’s Stamp News reports in a front page story today that the US Postal Service considered using the “infamous” Statue of Liberty replica photo “for at least two different stamp designs, over a period of nearly two and a half years without realizing they were looking at a Las Vegas… replica rather than the real thing.”

After being considered for another project, the image was finally used on a stamp intended to replace the original Liberty Bell Forever stamp. The stamp was issued on December 1 2010. In what seems in retrospect a lucky move, the stamp was issued in Washington, not New York City, and there was no first day ceremony. Linn’s reporter Bill McAllister writes that it was someone from Sunipix, a Texas stock photo agency who first discovered the error and notified the USPS. The article notes that the USPS licensed the image from another stock photo agency, Getty. The use of stock photos rather than original designs is intended as a cost saving measure, but the article says the USPS wouldn’t reveal how much it paid for the rights. Ten and a half billion of the stamps have been produced.

  • Mr Happy Man

    This is way too funny!