Twenty-three percent price hike for standard flats in the works?

According to PostCom Executive Vice President Jessica Lowrance, “There have been rumors within the industry that it should expect or budget for a 23 percent increase for Standard Mail flats during the next annual USPS price change early in 2012. This type of rumor can have disastrous consequences for mail volume as businesses begin media choices for 2012 across the nation. To a novice postal user or out-of-the-loop type of mailer, this type of news may force their hand in leaving mail altogether or test other media at a more accelerated pace.”

Full article (.pdf file) at PostCom: Postal News and Information from Around the World.

  • Mailer

    They already hammered flats volume by jacking up rates in 2007 to pay for the FSS buildings/machines. Of course they’d follow the same ruinous strategy to “fund” FSS Lite capex.

    At this point it would be less wasteful to buy helicopters (LLV helicopters of course) for rural carriers.

  • MaxHeadroom

    I don’t understand this investment in processing flat mail. Flats are a declining mail volume historically. Anything you get in a flats envelope can be virtualized into a file that can be transmitted electronically. We should be up to our ears in APPS machines…you can not virtualize packages!