• clerks

    what are the uncertainty’s guffy?

  • Mary

    I have a problem with the speech Mr. Guffy made. I’m a perfect example of what and should have never happened. Being a clerk for 10 yrs. and because I couldn’t travel was forced to become a ptf after the district hired a level 16 pm half fast trained him and raised his level to an 18 with out carriers in the bldg and only 2 other clerks. They had to hire this and pay that instead of making a T7? And my job wasn’t abolished. It was taken over by this person because they had no where to put him, and I will fight to get my job back. Also, forget about the experience, that went out the door, but yet they had the nerve to give him a clip board and judge me on the mystery shopper. This person, actually took my job away from me because his work only required 1-2 hours and besides when he wasn’t there, we did anyway.
    My comment: Mr. Guffy one minutes you’re telling us that mgmt can work 25 hours in level 16 post offices, and 18 hrs in level 18 post offices. Well I certainly don’t agree with this. If they are capable of working that many hrs. that’s a clerk’s job! For people that don’t belong to the union, nor pay union dues it seems to me that they benefit more than we do. So then why are we paying dues? Now I read and heard from you that they are eliminating postmasters, postmaster assistants’, etc. and the work going back to union memebers. Well, what I’d like to know is which way is it? Because you’re contradicting in what you’ve said the first time around.

  • Tes

    Guff…APWU should have gone to arbitration. Think you panicked because public unions have lost in Wisconsin & Ohio. PMG only wants 5 day delivery, more automation, and of course lousy customer service. I predict that he will get his “High 3”, wreck the Postal Service and then move on to be a highly CEO in private industry. Clerks will be out on the street or excessed into tour 3 automation jobs. Any thinking APWU member should vvote NO!

  • ZACK

    Well I feel better already, thanks Cliff, and thank you PMG Donahoe! Your both a couple of SWELL guys!

  • Moondawg

    Zack, that’s toung & cheek Right??!!

  • worried

    Guffy, read the memorandums. The postal service can pretty much do what they want with us under the new contract. and any new work being created will be filled by PSE’s. If 50% of jobs in facility can be NTFT and the building or section gets rebid and half of those 50% are 30hr a week jobs and i don’t rebid because i want a 40hr job i become unassigned. Then as unassigned i become subject to excessing or forced into a 30hr a week job. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD. THERE POCKETS ARE BEING PADDED. VOTE NO!!!!!!!!

  • Incompetence…never

    Let me see…..take a big paycut or get moved hundreds of miles away to keep my 40 hr. week… Mr. Guffy, would you do that?? Don’t think so. I suppose when the PO dangles millions for National in front of your face, you can’t say NO to them…..Greed over integrity…greed over people.. Seems about right as the Washington norm..

  • Sell Out

    Mr. Guffey, What is your yearly salary and benefits from the APWU???

  • Sell Out

    Listened to your videos and there are still lots of “IF’s”. Not convinced with your semantics!!

  • jstl85

    Wow! I am a PTF in a level 21 office. I happen to be at the bottom of the ptf list. The postmaster told me that according to the way she read the contract now, the following will probably happen.
    1. She is only allowed 17 total clerks, according to ‘WEBCOINS’. We currently have 18. She is allowed 20% pse’s. Therefore she has told me that , unofficially for now, I will probably be excessed, because she has to have the flexible schedules to complete the work. This is of course actually false, however; automatically I will never be converted to full time, and I will be excessed because she HAS to have HER Flexible workers. She doesn’t seem to understand that piss poor planning on her part , does not constitute an emergency on my part! So, shes telling me that if this goes through, then I will be excessed. Carried mail for 15 years, clerked for the last 2, and had 7 years of military. I just love how this contract seems to be playing out!!! NOT!

  • ZACK

    Cliff Guffy’s salary is $149,209.57 Do you feel he is worth it? Read article 7 of the National Constitution & Bylaws to find their salaries. What kills me is that National is attempting to sell this T/A on the basis that the financial health of the Postal Service is good for us, and our union took that into account when they bargained our contract w/ the USPS. First off, weren’t they the bitchin not so long ago to Congress that Arbitrators should not be required by law to take into account the financial health of the USPS when a CBA goes to Arbitration. And secondly were not paying the Union to do that either. Were paying them to only consider our financial situation. Certainly you wouldn’t hire an Attorney if he/she was worried about the financial health of your opponent in a lawsuit. WTF!

  • Sell Out

    Thank you Zack for revealing Mr. Guffey’s salary. I did not know that he was being paid this much!! Yes, I have read about Arbitrators are not to consider the financial health of the USPS during arbitration, so why is our Union considering this during negotiations?????