NALC and USPS agree to new alternate route adjustment process

From the National Association of Letter Carriers

The National Association of Letter Carriers has entered into a new Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process JARAP with the United States Postal Service for 2011. There are three documents that must be read in conjunction to fully understand the JARAP 2011 process. The memorandum of understanding M-01746, the joint guidelines M-01747 and the joint training document M-01748. Key changes to the agreement include a new 3999 review process, selection of the 3999 that is closest to the selected street time, an expedited bidding process option for entire zones that are optimized under COR and NALC COR technicians to ensure COR is used fairly in future JARAP adjustments.

via City Delivery.

JARAP 2011 Memorandum of Understanding

USPS/NALC Joint Alternate Route Adjustment Process 2011 Guidlines

JARAP 2011 Training Document

  • Ralf

    Roll Over Rolando sold us out again.
    Let District screw us on low volume syndrome. We don’t count marriage mail , coveerage mail, spurs,packages.
    Mass exodus from the Union to follow~

  • ron

    peices of crap nalc doesnt get it either,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they sold us out last contract,,,po gave clerks same pay as us we fought two contracts to get come to us our so called union win win they say,,,,i was cheif shop steward for 7 yrs carried mailover 25 yrs,,,this contract same give clerks what they want start screwing us right after,,,heres one for rolando or should i say rollover rolando kiss my ass,im getting out may,you peices of trash spend our dues paying for your commie buddies in washington,not foghting for us,ive got thirty years with the po and sick of vermin like nalc screwing the bqackbone of th post office without us all of you got nothing,agree some more you are paid to save us not the post office they have management to do that your like the politicians you just dont get it,,,,,,,ta ta,,,,clowns

  • Angela

    We were just “COR”ed at our station. The end result is that i lost my mounted route and now with 20+ years am back to a walking route, 7 hours on the street at that. Unless you are #1 seniority in your station you are not safe. I fully intend to get out of the NALC. Maybe even out of the USPS.