McCain amendment would make postal workers pay more for health insurance

As a result of collective bargaining, US Postal Service employees pay less for their health and life insurance than other federal workers. While other employees have 72% of their health premiums paid for by the government, the postal service pays 79% of the premium for its employees. Postal executives pay nothing for health insurance.

An amendment introduced by Senator John McCain would change that, requiring the USPS not to exceed the percentage contribution paid for other federal workers. The amendment would be enforced by depriving the USPS of its borrowing authority in any fiscal year that it fails to comply:


SA 251. Mr. McCAIN submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S. 493, to reauthorize and improve the SBIR and STTR programs, and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows:

At the end of the bill, add the following:


(a) In General.—If the Postmaster General does not submit a certification described under subsection (b) to Congress before fiscal year 2012 and each fiscal year thereafter—

(1) no sums may be appropriated from the United States Treasury to the United States Postal Service with respect to that fiscal year; and

(2) notwithstanding section 2005(a) of title 39, United States Code, the United States Postal Service may not borrow any money under that section with respect to that fiscal year.

(b) Certification.—A certification referred to under subsection (a) is a certification that, with respect to the applicable fiscal year, the contributions by the United States Postal Service for employees for—

(1) life insurance benefits shall not exceed the maximum contribution provided for under section 8708 of title 5, United States Code; and

(2) health insurance benefits shall not exceed the maximum contribution provided for under section 8906 of title 5, United States Code.

  • George Straight

    Ok, McCain here is a deal for you… postal employees Locality Pay, like FEDERAL employee (almost 30% in Metro Areas) and I will gladly pay the federal employee rate for FEHB. All of these politicians should stop talking about things they know nothing about…..get the facts people!

  • Navy Veteran

    If the Senator would give back the 75 Billion the Govt over taxed us we would pay more.

  • Concerned HQ Employee

    I will pay the increase for my health benefits just like the other federal workers but that means I should also get the benefits that they get here in DC including $100+ every month to take the Metro to work, the locality pay (as previously suggested), the random federal holidays as announced by the President, any of those snow days the other agencies get off when DC gets hit with snow, and not to mention what I believe to be higher salaries across the board (although that may be due to the locality pay).

  • cindy

    This is just the beginning of
    a reduction in pay and benefits.
    There is no future in this place,
    turnover will increase dramatically.

  • nky man

    Your typical Republican…………. they use the USPS Money, now they want it from the workers……. get a life!!!

  • Tim

    When Senators and Congressmen pay the same rate as we do, and pick from the same plans we do, and most importantly use the same retirement plan we all do, then we might consider this. They should surely have to put in 20 years to be able to collect retirement, at least.

  • boston clerk

    when the postal executives pay 79% of their health insurance instead of getting if for free I wont mind!

  • JIM R.


  • jason

    How much of his insurance does He pay… isnt he a federal employee?

  • Joe W

    When Dumb John gives up his free health care as a senator and starts paying for it like the rest of the people in this country I’ll agree to pay more..Until then Dumb John BUTT OUT

  • SoulMan

    Wake up, people. Keep voting Republican and you will get what you honestly deserve. Dummies.

  • NYLC

    boston clerk
    March 29th, 2011 09:41
    “when the postal executives pay 79% of their health insurance instead of getting if for free I wont mind!”

  • NYLC

    I Think its time that postal employee’s vote Senator John McCain out of a job……….

  • Nutzy

    McCain said on a TV show that the Postal service uses Tax payer money.That is how clueless he is.The man just is not real smart.Arizona sure needs to vote him out.

  • jack

    He has been on the public payroll for TOO LONG. Thanks to all you a-holes in Arizona for continuing to send this dinosaur to DC.

  • imaugie

    How much McCain and his partners pay for theirs? Also when these elected officails (McDirtbag) talk of striping ours right and pay, HEY look in your own yard!!!!

  • cb

    Why doesn’t the unions in the USPS run adds on the tv or in the news papers to educate the public about who funds the USPS. That we don’t get any tax dollars to run the USPS and our benifits. We just stand by and let all these politician talk all they want on national tv to the US citizens. All we do is talk on these sites that only we read. Our unions need to spend our money and let the public know.

  • Schmuck

    Damn tea party repubs-they will screw everybody as they proceed to decimate wages and benefits for the truly hard working people of this country. the hero can shove it up his ass sideways!

  • Kathy S

    cb, you are soooo right!

  • Stephen

    Elections have consequences, all of the Republican Turds, i.e., McCain, Ross, Walker, Demint should do all of us a favor and expire!

  • Lawsons voice


  • j bob

    anyone look up “s. 493?” it’s the “small business act.” what the hell does this have to do with the postal service? if you want to attack usps employee’s collective bargaining rights, at least do it in a piece of postal legislation! shameless.

  • Postal Mrs

    Then make the state of california employees have the same deal. Currently they get 90% of their salary for retirement after working 30 years. They also get social security. Public Safety employees is just 20 years to get those retirement benefits.

    They are getting 50% more than we are & we are told we are overpaid.

  • gary

    heres an idea;
    since there are approximately 465 house of representatives, why don’t we eliminate about 25% of them and just expand the others districts similar to what we are doing in the usps. Wouldn’t that save a lot of money? Also since we are in a saving mode, lets not allow any politician to mail election matter for free, or be allowed to be reimbursed for any campaign expenses.
    Has to save tthe government quite a bit of money I would think, much more that the 7% on Postal Workers.
    By the way how much do representatives of congress, senate pay for health insurance….0%

  • Mr. Zippy

    Hey John.Start paying for your healthcare and give back your pension you old windbag. I live in AZ and I have never voted for this fossil!!McCain needs to retire and live off his rich wife.

  • jimbo

    mccain………………u suck harder than your daughter

  • Tony

    This is the same John McCain who used Joe the Plumber
    during the Presidential campaign to improve his image with working America and let’s not forget his choice of running mate… another political genius!! By the way John ” This Guy” is doing a damn good job considering what the dope
    before him left!

  • Dave

    They all forget that we pay less because our union negotiated it that way. lower wage increases than the other federal employees to keep health cost lower. GET A LIFE! Go back and give us the wage increase we should have received and I’ll pay more.

  • Bigwheel

    Remember this American.

    This is the republican plan to provide jobs for our country.

    NO BRAG, JUST FACT !!!!!!

  • Bigwheel

    Remember this America.

    This is the republican plan to provide jobs for our country.

    NO BRAG, JUST FACT !!!!!!

  • Retiree

    Well how interesting, how many of you Postal employees still keep voting Republican! A Postal Employee voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders! Wake Up PEOPLE!

  • usps wife

    CB is right! Why isn’t the union doing something?

  • april

    so he’s lumping us in with federal employees??? then we should get christmas eve off as paid holiday like the federal employees do. president ford gave christmas day and christmas eve to the feds but not to the postal workers…so i don’t really think we are one and the same.

  • Retiree

    John McCain, please go away and until you know the facts, don’t speak! Cushy job and benefits so you could care less about the hard working postal employees!!!

  • Linda

    All good, and true points! What everyone needs to do is send a letter to the editor of their local papers, all of them, telling them the truth about the USPS. This way all the customers you serve, and everyone who only sees the politions crap on TV, will learn the truth. If the papers get enough of these ‘letters to the editor’ saying the same thing from different people, maybe they will investigate with our unions.

  • steve lee

    Unions do need to publicize the true facts, using commercials during big sports games etc. Zero taxpayers dollars, very low if any raises compared to federal employees, etc. As stated, we have idiot politicians on Meet the Press and elsewhere still saying the USPS wastes taxpayer money!

  • Patrick Henry

    Somebody tell McCain he’s a traitor to the American postal worker, many of whom, may I remind him, are veterans. We postal workers aren’t asking Mr. McCain to pay toward his health insurance, which, because he’s so important, he probably gets for free!