Congressman Ross locates FEHB web site (but not the $32/month USPS health plan!)

On Friday, Congressman Dennis Ross appeared on Fox Business News to talk about the US Postal Service. As we told you on Saturday, both he and his hostess had some difficulties getting their facts straight. Ross’s biggest whopper was telling the audience that the average postal employee paid $32.00 a month for health benefits. (This comes at about 5 minutes into the video). As we pointed out in our previous blog post, there isn’t even a single plan that offers premiums that low. Today the Congressman responded. Sort of.

Want to see the difference between postal and non postal employees health care costs? 08 via web

OK Dennis- now that you’ve found the FEHB web site, try clicking on the links and see if you can find that $32 a month health plan. While you’re at it, find us the even cheaper plans that must be there- after all, you told us that $32 is the average premium- so there must be some that are even cheaper, right?

Update:– Ross posted this on his Facebook page this afternoon:

That’s $32 a pay period, which works out to $69 a month- and that’s more than double the number he gave out in his interview. We pointed out in our blog post that there’s an even cheaper plan available- but the most popular plan is the Blue Cross Standard Plan- which costs $322 a month for a family- over ten times what Ross claimed was the average premium.

  • March_Pixie

    Maybe Congressman Ross isn’t good at math. but surely someone on his staff could have explained to him that $32 a pay period works out to $69 a month-

    Um…what? $32 x 2 (twice a month) is $64 and in those months there are 3 pay periods, it equals to $32 x 3 which is $96 so, I’m confused on the math as well I guess…. can you explain?

    • brian

      March_Pixie: There are 26 pay periods in a year. $32 x 26= $832 a year. $832/12 months= $69.33.

  • danny

    republican what do u expect.

  • Lisa

    I dont know about him, but that must be for a “single” person without kids, becuz mine again went up this year and I pay 102 and some change every pay which equals to 205 a month and any plan less than that had high deductibles…not to mention our dental and vision coverage isnt worth bragging about….so us people that work for the Post Office arent in any better condition than any other federal employees!!! Or anyone that doesnt work for the gov’t!!!

  • Gotitright

    More like an idiot.Won’t even admit that he was wrong.Tea anyone.

  • L S W

    Management is “100/0, for the most part” ? What does that mean? Only the highest level officers pay nothing for health care. Run of the mill supervisors, managers, and postmasters pay the same as the rank and file.

  • Mailer

    I work for a private company and pay less for premiums than that. And I’m not a manager or executive either.

  • trout

    the congressman is again clueless…he should’ve consulted with one of his aides (they do all the work) before opening mouth and inserting foot….just another tea bagger republiclown blaming everyone else but himself….of course he will never admit that he is wrong and stupid…..what does he pay for his health benefits? Is he going to pay his own cash for his benefits? He needs a punch in the face so he can wake up

  • Danny

    Out of touch like all the rest. What does
    He pay for health care…!

  • Jerry G

    These our the leaders of our country. Isn’t any wonder we are on a downward spiral

  • B.L. Wilcox

    As a USPS retiree carrying BC/BS Standard option I am paying about $441.25 per month for health insurance plus medicare costs…both having increased for 2011.
    The Congressman “knoweth not of what he speaks”!

  • lymehead

    The “representatives” in congress only hear or see what they want to see. When the figures didn’t come up the way they wanted, they use the terms, the fact remains etc…They are part of a cause that won’t stop until all unions and the benefits we have worked and bargained faithfully to get are erased.

  • Mike

    How about:
    $32 x 26 pay periods = $832 a year

    $832 / 12 months = $69.3333333 a month.

  • Mike

    Actually it should be:

    Ross x Fox News = Lying Morons

  • OG

    Ross is unaware that out-of-pocket postal employee contributions have steadily increased and most likely will continue to do so. Typical tea-bagger mentality who would like to point the fingers at someone other than himself and the rich puppet-masters who poured secret money in his campaign.


  • letter carrier too

    26 x 32=832 divided by 12 =69.3 simple enough

  • Creature

    What many people do not realise is that except for AK, HI, VI and PR the USPS does not pay any type of locality pay like civil service receives. So, if USPS would pay locality rates, a higher insurance rate would be easier to deal with.

  • ZACK

    Since Congressman Ross too is a Federal Employee, perhaps he is referring to what he personally pays for FEHB benefits as a Congressman. His mistake was, he apparently thought the rest of us Federal employees were paying the same as Congress.

  • Tom

    It’s gotta be true I’m telling ya. I SAW IT ON FOX . They wouldn’t lie to me just like my supervisor and my congressman would never lie to me.

  • Lou

    I know with my plan I need suppliment plans for dental and vision to get decent coverage for my family….so that’s 3 preminums every pay period..

  • VMF Retired

    I wonder what Mr. Ross pays for his health insurance…us CSRS retirees are paying $441.25 as Mr. Wilcox noted above…and its not a drop in the bucket from a small retirement pension…get your facts straight MR. ROSS!!!

  • Doodle

    What bothers me about Mr. Ross’s statements regarding USPS premiums: Most viewers will not read these comments, will not research his claims, will just accept what he said as fact. A stand-up person admits when they are in error, in Congress or not. There are people all over who still believe USPS is taxpayer supported. More misinformation abounds than facts, which is bothersome.

  • willie ocasio

    MR> Ross needs to get his information correct and trusful first. I didi not know about any plans for 32 dollars a pp. Before he speak again and in the future , so he does make an ass of himself. We he gets the facts straight, he can convince us that we are overpaid. Why doesnt he look at congress and find out all the waste that is around and what to do to get ride of it. Mr. Ross shame on you , look for another goat and leave us alone.

  • Tony

    I want to know how much these elected officals pay for health insurance? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!