Washington Post gets it wrong again

On Friday the Washington Post falsely reported that an OIG report had found that postal employees had “expensed private travel and ‘adult entertainment'”. The report didn’t say that (it said they had used government travel cards for the purchases- cards the employees, not the USPS, are responsible for paying). The story also claimed that the report had found “fraud”, although that word doesn’t even appear in the OIG report.

Now the Post has done it again- the headline for its story on the President’s budget plans for the USPS reads “Postal Service on tap for $11B break in 2012 budget“. The Post apparently came up with that number by adding the $4 billion reduction in trust fund payments to the $6.9 billion rebate of FERS overpayments called for in the budget.

But the $4 billion is actually scheduled for the current fiscal year, 2011, not 2012. And the $6.9 billion rebate is set to be spread over 30 years. The budget doesn’t actually specify what the USPS would get in 2012.

A more glaring error is the story’s opening line: “President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget doesn’t say anything about raising stamp prices, ending Saturday mail deliveries or closing post offices,…”

This is from the opening paragraph of the USPS section in the budget:

“Provided further, That 6-day delivery and rural delivery of mail shall continue at not less than the 1983 level: … Provided further, That none of the funds provided in this Act shall be used to consolidate or close small rural and other small post offices in fiscal year 2012.”

At least it doesn’t actually say anything about raising stamp prices!

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  • Bigwheel

    The Washington Post is a RightWing rag that will always report the RightWing lies, halftruths, etc.n They are Faux news in print.
    To bad that the author of this piece can’t publish to a nationally read audience.

  • Richard

    Typical Washinton Post BS…they must want to run for office.

  • Daniel

    The public never hears the truth. The news media is always manipulated by the rich. We still exist in a feudal system where 95% of Americans work and exist for the benefit of the super rich.