USPS wants to eliminate indefinite saved salary for RIFed supervisors and postmasters

From the League of Postmasters:

LEAGUE Office Receives Proposal to Revise Salary Protection Provisions in the ELM

On January 28, 2011 the LEAGUE office received a letter from John Cavallo, Manager Labor Relations regarding a proposed change to the salary protection provisions in Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) Section 415, Rate Retention and Change to Lower EAS Grade. Please read the letter carefully.(PDF)

The main change impacting EAS is that those Postmasters/EAS that had salary protection when changed to a lower nonbargaining grade during a Reduction in Force (RIF) avoidance period, a specific RIF notice period, placement in a nonduty, nonpay status for 30 days related to RIF, or to a RIF will not extend beyond two years of saved grade unless the protected salary is below the maximum of the employee’s new grade. If the employee’s salary exceeds the maximum of the new grade upon expiration of the two years of protection is provided in ELM 415, it will be reduced immediately to the maximum of the new grade.

Simply put, the indefinite saved salary would be removed from the ELM. The LEAGUE of Postmasters is adamantly opposed to this revision. Mark Strong, President of the LEAGUE has requested a meeting with PMG Pat Donahoe with regard to these revisions. We are very disappointed that after months of working on DUO and specially addressing RIF in which we were assured that no Postmasters salary would be impacted that less than 30 days later this change has been proposed.

Pursuant to Title 39, U.S. Code, Section 1004 (d) we have 60 days to respond with our recommendations. We will keep all Postmasters informed of the results from the requested meeting with PMG Donahoe and any changes that take place with regard to this proposal to revise Section 415 of the ELM.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and check the LEAGUE Website for updates.

Mark Strong

via National League of Postmasters – Educational.

  • herman

    That’s a shame.

  • Unforgiven

    Heaven forbid, that Postmasters live by the same rules as craft employees who are excessed. Two year salary protection is a pretty good deal, indefinite is ridiculous and unwarranted.

  • Visions of Johanna

    this makes perfect sense as there would be no savings if they kept their higher salary while working lower paying positions, 2 years gives everyone a chance to find a higher paying job if they don’t want to loose money by the reduction

    Go Pat Go !

  • OG


    Dear Postmasters of the United States:

    Headquarters appreciates your dedication to the U.S. Postal Service and congratulates you for your desire to achieve upward mobility within a fair and balanced quasi-independent federal system of postal mail operations. However, due to the current financial ‘condition’ of the USPS (hey, $8.5 billion in the red in one Fiscal Year) we propose that ELM must be changed to reflect a deduction in pay-based guarantee you worked so hard to achieve.

    We, at USPS HQ, propose that the previous ELM guarantee be changed to reflect current economical conditions: ACCEPT A LOWER PAY GRADE OR ELSE … BE RIF-ed.

    Thank you for your understanding and dedication to the business of USPS. Hey, if you’re still complaining … at least, be happy you still have a job!!!!


    PS – USPS HQ is wrongly engaging into further EROSION of our basic rights. As a craft-employee, I urge the Postmasters to not give up – and continue to fight for their “decent” rights. Your efforts and dedication will prove worthwhile. Good Luck and Good Fairness!!!

  • Barebones

    Postmasters are an easy target. Let’s eliminate ALL 74 Districts. Those EAS employees serve no useful purpose. Postmasters have little to no recourse at the public rhetoric from “craft” and outside the PO is that USPS has too much management. Unfortunately the public sees only Postmasters and Supervisors as management. All of the Marketing, HR, Operations, folks who mostly either cannot supervise in the field, or were injured on the job and found a nice cushy cubicle job are regarded as “management”. Postmasters are an easy mark and the management associations have no teeth to represent their members

  • Inewit

    Are the PMG and vice presidents getting the same cuts since they will be overseeing less employees? How about the yearly 25% bonuses to the vice presidents?

  • postal1989

    in santa ana ca we have more 204b’s then real supervisors
    where is the excessing we are hearing about oh yeah its in craft the managers all walk around with starbucks coffee’s
    while the workers do more with less! so sad its about time we got someone with balls to start doing somthing to save the company from the rats!

  • sammy

    USPS Postmaster on your resume will probably get you somthing better that cashier at Walmart.

  • Ray T.

    You know the old saying, “If you don’t touck the product (mail) you’re just overhead.” I have jeard of eas 17’s being demoted t carrier and keeping their pay. Ridiculous!


    A craft employee for 12 years and an EAS employee for 9, I have seen waste AND slackers at EVERY level. Maybe, just maybe, if everyone worked productivley and efficiently in whatever position they are in, it would not take as many folks to get that job done. I really don’t know how some of these postal employees can sleep at night – not giving 100% everyday (stealing from the employer in actuallity) . I’m just saying…

  • Bama78

    Down South said it all. I’ve been in craft for 16 years as a carrier and 17 years as a supervisor. When the Postal Service made the test easier years ago because not enough people were passing that’s when we began this process of lowering standards. I agree there’s waste all throughout the service. The best answer for delivery is to evaluate city carriers and pay similar to rural carriers. Then you wouldn’t have 1700 issues and watch these same carriers that have started pacing their routes daily due to jrap go home early everyday.
    We should also abolish all the unions and create one union to protect all employees. This would allow for seniority to play a vital role in keeping the knowledge we’re about to lose by vera. It’s a shame a great company with some good employees can’t all work together to just get the mail delivered timely. We do in the real world work for our customers.
    The Postal Service has made this problem in my opinion by seemingly protecting the buddies jobs and not working to make the service more efficient.

  • Brucie

    To answer some questions —- Yes the VP’s still get their “Extra”’s called something different but they all get this large amount as an incentive to stay at the PO.

    Next – Craft employees that are excessed still keep their same pay. Don’t make it sound like they don’t.

    Demonted EAS are different than RIF’d. Demoted fall back into the Craft Pay band based on their years of service….

  • wiser than u think

    To visions of Johanna, you probably dont even work or you would know it isnt right for someone to lose all the raises they have had for the past several yrs. (which is exactly what going to a lower level is) and also its not that the postoffice should be a lower level but the higher ups can give a post office any budget to make them look like they are losing money and should be a lower level. All the same levels have differnet budgets. Its all in who you know not what you know. And Mr. Donahue are you going to a lower level in grade and salary because you will have a whole lot less responsibility when you put out all these postmasters who are bringing in the business that pays your extravagant pay?


    Way to go John Cavallo! But please don’t stop with the RIF-ed, purge the remaining rif-raf in management. Especially those who brag of having been in craft for a number of year and now in management. The move was probably because its easier to goof off in management more so than craft.?! Are you now an asset to the postal service or yet a liability? Any who, I’m just saying….

    All is fair in love and war!

  • Indentured Servitude

    USPS takes advantage of lower – middle mgmt employees by intimidation and threats, no different to what ends up imposed on the crafts. This proposal is just another slap in the face of all employees; yes all employees, for if HQ pulls this off, and none of the union contracts are settled you can bet the nasty “C” word (concessions) will be on the table before an arbitrator. With the republican gains in Washington their agenda of privitizing the postal service will be advanced to the detriment of “all employees!”

  • girlyman

    2 yr pay for doing less work ….Not a bad deal for abusing there little bit of authority on a daily basis and selling out there employees! it must feel good to go home at night knowing what you have done to screw over the people that work for you!

  • Anon

    My four ideas to save the postal service…

    Set attainable performance standards for all employees, if they can’t hack it, find another job..

    Hire new employees at reduced salaries… who the heck needs over 20 bucks an hour to start, what the heck is USPS, welfare? get real, start low, work higher through performance.

    Evaluate routes, rid the postal service of OT… We’ve gotta be spending billions on that extra 50%..

    Everyone should be taking a pay cut… How much would 10% acrossed the board be?? I’ll take one if it goes from the very top, all the way to the very bottom..

  • Throwin Mail

    So when all these post offices get closed and their employees become displaced then what? Do they get to try and find openings in the USPS? So they take anything (including city carrier jobs) to stay employed? Then what happens when we go to five days? What happens to the glut of city carriers when T-6’s start the bumping process, eventually leading to a situation where there are no open carrier positions because the people who were displaced from all the po’s being closed took all the open routes? Big trouble coming!!!

  • New Postmaster

    For those of us supervisors who have been RIFed I would love to stay in a level 17 position but there is not one in my area open. My only option was a level 13 Post Office. I would love to go back to the 17 job but the ones that open now are not being put up for bid they are being left open for the next set of people who are RIFed how the heck does anyone think we could get back to a 17?