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  • postalnews

    I think that for most people, the incentive is retirement itself. You seem to be suggesting that, lacking a cash incentive, you’ll work until you die? The way I look at it, if a $10,000 incentive is enough to make you retire right now, then working just long enough to add another $10K to your retirement savings should also be enough.

    Why should it matter whether that extra $10K is a bonus from the USPS, or money you’ve set aside yourself?

  • Michael F

    I agree. That said, if someone is at minimum retirement age, why should they be looked on to retire? Generally speaking, they could be in a good position in terms of seniority, thrift, health, housing, ext., why retire arbitrarily? Just to sit around and collect dust? Perhaps that extra carrot of $20k (or whatever incentive amount) could be enough to solidify the idea of collecting dust.

  • Jess

    Does anyone know what happened to the 56 million the Postal Service was supposed to pay the clerks on the 1.6 settlement ? And why isn’t the Union forcing Managements hand on this. This was a really significant win for the clerks.

  • postalnews

    That’s probably the most depressing comment I’ve seen here! I guess if you think retirement consists of “collecting dust”, then you should continue to work until you drop dead- I don’t see why a cash incentive would make your retirement any less depressing. I think most of us have other things we want to do with our lives beyond work- retirement gives us the opportunity to do those things. If work is the only thing you are interested in, then by all means, keep working!

  • postalnews

    I don’t have any inside info, but the announcement was dated December 5, and said that the payouts were estimated to take 90 to 120 days to implement. 120 days would take you out to April 4, so they’re still within the original time frame.

  • cwhocares40

    “Sit around and collect dust”???? You must have not life at all. how sad you are. I do my hobbies when ever I want to, see my grand kids whenever I want to, hunt, fish, golf, volunteer, research things I’m curious about, take walks and smell the flowers along the way. Retirement is a time to relax and not have to worry about the BS work environment. Of course, if you don’t have anything else better to do, then by all means continue to work.

  • Postal Pete

    The recent early out offers with no incentive means means headquarters is not serious about reducing the complement and in fact the managers from consolidated areas and districts were moved to headquarters as the number of management personnel there doubled during Donahoe’s tenure as PMG.