New Zealand postie in hot water after refusing to deliver scam letters to nursing home residents

A Nelson postie who refused to deliver scam letters to a rest home has landed herself in trouble with her employer.

The mail woman, who has only been called Carolyn by her union, has avoided a formal warning but has been given a talking to following a NZ Post investigation into her decision not to deliver the mail.

The Postal Workers Union says NZ Post assumed she had opened the letters, but that she actually became aware of the particular scam after one of her colleagues received one of the letters which ask recipients to send money to claim prizes from “winning scratchies”.

After finding 20 identical envelopes in her bag, she twice told her manager she didn’t want to deliver them, particularly with a rest home on her route.

postie-on-bike.jpg.hashed.e1a5c0e4.desktop.story_.inlineThe state-owned post service called for an investigation into why she had interfered with the mail, the union said.

But while it also said she had also been “threatened” with jail time during her meeting, NZ Post called that claim “ridiculous”.

“Her managers made every effort to take a reasonable approach, including not formally warning her while also impressing upon her the¬†seriousness of interfering with mail,” an NZ Post spokesman said.

He said while the NZ Post acknowledged Carolyn was trying to do the right thing, she had knowingly breached the conditions of her employment.

NZ Post didn’t have the power to open mail if it thought it was a scam under the law, but had taken many steps to try to reduce scam mail of the last five years, he said.

The union said despite warnings from NZ Post, Carolyn would be taking a warning letter to residents at the rest home, with instructions to contact the police directly.

Source: Postie in hot water after refusing to deliver scam letter to rest home | ONE News Now | TVNZ

Raumati convinces NZ Post to keep its PO open

Raumati Beach will keep its postal services after community and political pressure convinced NZ Post to iron out a deal to continue services from Raumati’s Four Square store.

The agreement means the store will run postal and courier services across the road from the current PostShop from Monday next Monday .

“We are delighted New Zealand Post has listened to the concerns of Raumati residents and will continue providing postal services from the Raumati Four Square. This result is a great example of what a community can achieve by all pulling together,” Kapiti Coast District Council mayor Ross Church said.

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Union to check NZ Post job losses not excessive

A union says it wants to make sure NZ Post’s plan to close three mail processing centres, with 500 jobs set to go, is justified by the numbers.The state-owned postal operator is closing its Wellington, Hamilton and Dunedin mail centres, along with a number of other smaller centres, and will concentrate its operations in Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch within the next two years.

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New Zealand postal union fights NZ Post plans for three day delivery

“NZ Post is a public service, not a cash cow”
3 May, 2013

nzpostNew Zealand Post is a vital public service and there is no justification for reducing mail delivery to three days a week, says the union for postal workers, the EPMU.

The call follows claims from NZ Post that it would need Government subsidies unless it is allowed to slash mail delivery services in half.

EPMU national industry organiser Joe Gallagher says there is no need for drastic cuts to delivery.

“Any talk about subsidies at this stage is pure speculation and scaremongering. NZ Post is actually returning a profit and will continue to do so for some time even without any changes.

“We recognise NZ Post faces serious commercial pressures, but current mail volumes do not justify the drastic and damaging cuts that are being proposed. This proposal only makes sense if you believe NZ Post exists purely to return a profit.

“NZ Post is not a cash cow for the Government. It is a vital public service and any move to reduce its social obligations will face resistance from the Kiwis who rely on it to stay connected with their families, their communities and their customers.

“We are calling on the Government to listen to communities, keep NZ Post’s social obligations in place and commit to wider public consultation on any future changes.”

The EPMU’s submission to MBIE over changes to the Deed of Understanding is available at:¬†

A selection of quotes from the more than 250 public submissions received by the EPMU is available at: