PRC Issues Advisory Opinion on USPS Proposal to Change Critical Entry Times for Certain Periodical Categories

Washington, DC – Today the Postal Regulatory Commission released its advisory opinion on a Postal Service plan to revise the critical entry times (CETs) for some categories of Periodicals mail. The CET is the latest time a mailpiece may be tendered to the Postal Service and still have the day count when measuring that mail’s service performance. (Docket No. N2022-2). Specifically, the Postal Service proposes to standardize four of the five Periodicals CETs (i.e., CETs for all non-palletized Periodicals mail). Instead of the current CET range of 0800-1400 for the affected categories of Periodicals mail, the Postal Service proposes that all of those categories would share a CET of 0800. The Postal Service asserts that this change would “promote simplification of mail processing operations, and hence more effective allocation and use of processing personnel and equipment.” Continue reading

PRC Directs Postal Service to Address Compliance Issues with Pricing and Service: Flats, service performance continue to be major areas of concern 

Washington, DC – Today the Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) issued its FY 2021 Annual Compliance Determination (ACD) assessing the Postal Service’s compliance with rates and service standards. The Commission is required to issue its ACD 90 days after the filing of the Postal Service’s Annual Compliance Report (39 U.S.C. Section 3653). This ACD is the first compliance review by the Commission following its implementation of new pricing rules for Market Dominant products in FY 2021. Those rules included new rate authority mechanisms, new requirements for workshare discounts and non-compensatory products, and several procedural changes. Continue reading

NAPS Chat with PRC Vice Chair Michael Kubayanda

December 6, 2019 Episode 55


Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) Vice Chair Michael Kubayanda joins Legislative & Political Director Bob Levi on the December 6 episode of NAPS Chat.

This week’s NAPS Chat focuses on the newly proposed Postal Rate and Classification System, system that may determine postage rates for the next 5 years. We also discuss the Postal Service’s Universal Service  Obligation. Finally, NAPS Chat provides information relating to postal-related bills and the status of H.R.  2382, legislation to repeal of the USPS retiree health  prefunding requirement, which has surpassed the 290-cosponsor mark.

NAPS Chat is a weekly podcast intended to inform NAPS members about the latest legislative and political goings-on within our nation’s capital. Hosted by NAPS Director of Legislative and Political Affairs Bob Levi.

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Source: NAPS Chat

PRC Issues 2018 USPS Annual Compliance Determination: Directs Postal Service to Address a Number of Outstanding Issues

Washington, DC – Today the Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) issued its Annual Compliance Determination (ACD) assessing the pricing and service performance standards of the U.S. Postal Service (Postal Service) in fiscal year 2018. This ACD marks the 11th Compliance Determination issued since the enactment of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. Continue reading

Michael M. Kubayanda Sworn In As PRC Commissioner

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission today announced that Michael M. Kubayanda has been sworn into office as a Commissioner.

Donald Trump nominated Michael Kubayanda to the Commission on June 6, 2018, and his nomination was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on January 2, 2019. His appointment fills the fifth seat at the Commission giving the Postal Service regulator a full complement of members. He will serve out the remainder of a six-year term that expires November 22, 2020.

Prior to joining the Commission, Michael Kubayanda served as a board member and privacy officer for a digital health startup offering cloud solutions for medical practices in the United States and emerging markets. He previously worked with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Postal Service, ending as Director, Government Relations, a role in which he worked with OIG officials to support the work of inspectors general in data analytics. In the OIG’s research group, he oversaw research on technical issues and wrote reports addressing postal economics and price regulation, intellectual property, and public-private partnerships, while serving as an advisor to colleagues on issues such as privacy, knowledge management, and innovation. Prior to his work with the OIG, he served on the staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Mr. Kubayada holds degrees from Georgetown University, Northwestern University, and the Ohio State University. He also studied at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.