Should postal gyrocopter pilot Doug Hughes be pardoned by the President?

A year ago we asked whether letter carrier Doug Hughes should be applauded or condemned for his gyrocopter protest of political campaign finance corruption.

Now that Hughes has lost his job, been convicted and sentenced to 120 days in prison, do you think President Obama should pardon him?

stamp_image poll: Who would you like to see as the next President?

There are only three candidates left, but feel free to write in someone else if you prefer!

Poll: How has PMG Megan Brennan done compared to her predecessor, Pat Donahoe?

Megan Brennan has been Postmaster General for over a year now- and as Bill McAllister reminded us yesterday, it was a rough year.

So how do you think Brennan has done compared with her predecessor and mentor, Pat Donahoe? A year ago we asked you what you expected from the new PMG, and over 60% of you predicted more of the same.

What do you think now?

postalnews poll: Should Doug Hughes be applauded or condemned for his protest?

Poll: Should the USPS reissue the Maya Angelou stamp with an original quote?

A columnist for the Lynchburg News & Advance says the US Postal Service should re-issue the Maya Angelou stamp with an original quote by the author. Marsha Mercer writes that the error “tarnishes the honor of having the portrait of the renowned poet on a stamp. It sends the wrong message to millions of young people who need to know that proper attribution matters, the Internet can be a highly unreliable source and it’s never too late to correct your mistakes.”

What do you think?

Poll: should the APWU be spending money to oppose the Staples/Office Depot merger?

Office-Depot-StaplesThe American Postal Workers Union has announced that it has “engaged a team of financial advisors, lawyers and economists to challenge the merger between Staples and Office Depot”. Do you think that’s a good use of union funds?

APWU Election poll