Video: USPS ignores customer’s insurance claim until TV reporter asks about it

Sound familiar? A customer mails something valuable- in this case a $500 Visa gift card, via registered mail. Card gets stolen. Customer files insurance claim. USPS tells her they’ll take care of it.

A year goes by.

Customer inquires about claim- USPS tells her she never filed one!

Customer calls local TV reporter. Reporter calls USPS.

USPS suddenly locates claim, pays customer $500!

Source: San Francisco woman files claim with U.S. Postal Service over missing Visa gift card |

Video: USPS gives bizarre reason for denying insurance claim

Heber City, Utah — (KUTV) Nicole Robinson runs a photography studio in Heber. She sold a portable power supply online to a buyer in New York and shipped it using the United States Postal Service.

“I went and actually bought a very sturdy box, extra packaging, since this is a heavy item, I took great care in packaging it,” Robinson said.

To make sure she was double-covered, Robinson also bought insurance. She paid $22 for a $1,600 policy against loss or damage. It’s a good thing she did because when the item arrived it was damaged.

Robinson contacted the USPS which instructed her to ask the buyer to return the package to the post office for inspection. He did, leaving it with the clerk and getting a stamped letter as proof.

So Robinson was surprised that her claim was denied – and even more surprised by the reasoning. Continue reading

Video: USPS insurance doesn't guarantee a paid damage claim


A Laveen man says the post office damaged his shipment and won’t honor his insurance claim. The reason comes down to how the item was packed.

It seems reasonable to think that if a USPS employee is going to sell you insurance on your item, they would also tell you if you packed it properly, but that is not the case. And in the end, it is up to you to prove you packed correctly if you want your damage claim to be approved.


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USPS says blank space on receipt is a signature, denies insurance claim for missing computer

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Diane Jay thought she had taken every precaution.

Jay bought signature confirmation and insurance on the $1300 MacBook Pro she sold on eBay to a buyer in Berkeley.

But the buyer never got it, she said, and PayPal refunded the buyer in Berkeley his money, leaving Jay without her money or her laptop.

The signature delivery receipt doesn’t appear to show any signature on it, so Jay thought she’d get her insurance claim right away.

But the Postal Service denied her claim, saying the package was “delivered as addressed” — indicating the blank space on her receipt was in fact a signature.

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USPS Pays Claim For Package Lost 14 Months Ago, After TV News Report

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — More than 14 months after the United States Postal Service lost track of his insured package, Eric Bush is finally getting answers.

As Call Kurtis first reported Feb. 26, the USPS acknowledged it had lost track of the package — and said Bush had purchased the proper insurance back in December 2011 when he shipped it — but the agency denied his insurance claim anyway.

Now the federal agency is fixing the mistake and apologizing for the inconvenience, according to a spokesperson.

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