Rural Carriers Union reaches contract agreement with USPS

Tentative Agreement 2021-2024  

  • Article 38 

o 3-Year Contract 

o May 2021-May 2024  

  • Article 9.1.A. General Wage Increases 

o 1.3% November 2021-retroactively applied 

o 1.3% November 2022 

o 1.3% November 2023 

  • Article 9.1.E. COLA 

o Retain same formula and frequency 

o July 2021-retroactive ($1935) 

o Jan 2022-retroactive ($811 calculated through 11-30-21) 

o July 2022 

o Jan 2023 

o July 2023 

o Jan 2024 

o No rebase 

  • Article 9.1.F and 9.1.I. ALL RCAs receive 1% increase each year in lieu of COLA o Goes into effect with GWI increases-retroactive 
  • MOU Non-Career Health Plan for RCAs 

o Effective Plan Year 2023, the Postal Service will make a bi-weekly contribution  equal to 75% of the total premium for any RCA employee who wishes to  participate in the USPS Plan for self, self plus one, or family coverage, regardless  of years of employment. 

  • Article 10.5 

o All RCAs will earn annual leave at 1 hour for every 20 hours worked, regardless  of assignment. 

o Maximum of 4 hours earned per pay period 

o Designation 74 and 79 will continue to also earn sick leave at the same rate for  all hours worked on assigned regular or auxiliary route. 

  • Article 11 

o Juneteenth added as 11th paid holiday for regular carriers 

o PTF rural carrier hourly wage adjusted to reflect the additional paid holiday o Regular carrier required to work on their designated holiday will be able to  choose between holiday leave pay for the day or have their annual leave  balance credited with one day. Carrier will also receive normal day of pay for  the holiday worked (time and a half for Christmas holiday worked). 

  • Article 9. Mail Counts 

o Eliminate all reference to mail counts 

o Not necessary with implementation of RRECS MOU 

  • Article 9.2.M 

o Newly hired RCAs will only be required to work on their assigned route, deliver  parcels on other routes and on Sundays and Holidays during first 2 pay periods  after completing rural academy and reporting to assigned office for training. 

  • Article 8.5 

o Regular carriers with a newly assigned RCA will be bypassed on Relief Day Work  List during the RCA’s first two pay periods in the office. 

  • Article 10.2 

o Leave Replacements are unavailable to cover leave requests if: 

Scheduled on a regular rural route 

On approved annual leave 

During their first 2 pay periods in the office 

  • Article 10.7 Leave Submission (new) 

o Leave requests will not be accepted prior to 60 days from date or week of leave  requested 

o Leave Requests for exceptional circumstances may be submitted earlier Life events such as weddings, graduations etc. 

Pre-paid vacations, cruises, packages, travel tickets etc. 

Documentation may be requested 

o Leave requests submitted properly must be returned by management as  approved or disapproved within 3 days of submission-if not, the leave is  automatically approved. 

o Seniority will prevail for leave requests submitted on the same date 

  • Article 25 

o A regular rural carrier may only be assigned to a higher-level position for 180  days before being required to return to the route for at least 90 days. 

  • Article 9.5. 

o Management may only implement the Formula after documenting at least 4  Hiring Lists created and processed in previous 6 months. 

  • Article 30.2.A 

o When management implements the Formula, they are now required to create  PTF positions equal to 10% of the number of K routes in the office. 

o Management will have 60 days from signing to implement in existing offices.

o This will create approximately 1900 new PTFs in existing Formula offices.

o New PTF positions will be posted for all RCAs in the office with one year of  continuous service as an RCA.

o If position is not filled, it will be posted district-wide for all PTFs and RCAs with  one year of continuous service as an RCA. 

o If position is not filled with district posting, it will be reposted in assigned office  for non-probational RCAs before being filled from the street. 

  • Article 30.2.D.4. Utilization of RCAs in offices within the local commuting distance o RCAs scheduled to case and carry a regular route will not be utilized in another  office on the same day. 

o RCAs from another office may be used before regulars on relief day whether on  the RDWL or not. 

  • MOU Implementation of RRECS 

o First evaluations under RRECS in July 2022 

  • MOU Task Force to address on-going rural carrier issues including, but not limited to: o Leave Replacement Task Force recommendations 

o Scheduling 

o Casing equipment and casing methods 

o Efficiency and use of space 

o Seasonal Routes 

o Vehicle deployment 

o Contract Compliance


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