Postal Service Issues New Christmas Stamp

“I am honored to represent the Postal Service as we dedicate a Christmas stamp that features one of the most revered images in the world — the Virgin Mary holding her infant child, Jesus,” said U.S. Postal Service Organization Development Vice President Jenny Utterback, who served as the dedicating official. “It’s a beautiful piece of art, with particular meaning this time of year. I choose my holiday cards with care, sign them with love or best wishes, and may write a personal note inside. Holiday cards are a special way to connect with family and friends. The stamp on the envelope holds significance as well.” Continue reading

Jury Finds Trucking Company Defrauded USPS, Verdict Will Result in Judgment of Over $5 Million

RALEIGH, N.C. – Yesterday, a jury in the Eastern District of North Carolina found defendants Chad Cline and BJ Trucking Company, Inc. liable for $1,679,086 worth of unauthorized fuel purchases under United States Postal Service contracts, in violation of the False Claims Act.  The jury also found that while BJ Trucking was insolvent and owed a substantial debt to the United States, it transferred $439,015 to company insiders—including to Defendant Doug Cline—in violation of the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act.  This jury verdict will allow the recovery of more than $5 million to the government in addition to civil penalties to be determined by the judge. Continue reading

USPS Introduces Holiday Elves Forever Stamps

NORTH POLE Sept. 15, 2022

The US Postal Service today unveiled its “Holiday Elves” Forever stamps. The Holiday Elves stamps are se-tenant, which means they work together both as a single scene or as individual images. Artist Don Clark first sketched his design and then created the final illustration digitally. Antonio Alcalá was the art director. The stamps evoke the holiday spirit, featuring a colorful digital illustration of elves preparing toys on a winding conveyor belt in a snow-laden forest.

Like many beloved Christmas traditions—including Santa Claus himself—elves did not become a well-established part of the holidays in America until the 19th century. In the 20th century, as elves became firmly rooted in American Christmas lore, they eventually took center stage in beloved holiday television specials, films and books. Continue reading