USPS delays implementation of new Nonstandard Fees and Dimension Noncompliance Fee

Filed with the PRC today:

The United States Postal Service hereby gives notice of delayed implementation of the classification changes for the new Nonstandard Fees and Dimension Noncompliance Fee.

Specifically, the Postal Service will delay implementation of those fees until April 3, 2022. This brief delay is intended to provide the industry with additional time to plan and adjust for these changes, and aligns with our intent to be judicious in our pricing decisions and responsive to the needs of our customers.

In accordance with the Commission’s rules, the Postal Service is providing at least thirty days’ notice of the delayed implementation of these fees. Such a delay will not cause competitive products to fail to meet the standards of 39 U.S.C § 3633. As demonstrated in the Postal Service’s initial filing, each competitive product will cover its costs, and competitive products as a whole will contribute an appropriate share toward the Postal Service’s institutional costs. The delayed implementation of the Nonstandard Fees and Dimension Noncompliance Fee will not have a material effect on the supporting financial materials previously provided in this docket.

Attached to this Notice are the relevant sections of the Mail Classification Schedule (MCS), with the delayed classification language highlighted. All other price and classification changes in this docket will take effect as originally intended, on January 9, 2022.

PDF version of filing, with attachments, from the PRC web site