PMG updates employees in new video

USPS has steadily improved its service performance in recent months, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy reports in his latest all-employee video message.

The organization is achieving close to or better than 90 percent on-time delivery in First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail, and greater than 90 percent for first-class packages and Priority Mail.

“This is the result of better adherence to schedules and processes, shifting of our long-distance transportation from air to trucks, and having more employee availability,” says DeJoy, who also thanks employees for helping USPS to improve.

The Postmaster General also provides updates on Delivering for America, the organization’s new 10-year plan, and the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The video, released June 24, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees throughout the organization this week and next.

Source: Improving service | USPS News Link

  • Greg

    Maybe start by figuring out how to hire more carriers and keep them once they start

  • Blastmaster

    Glad to see he is not wearing his mask. Time to join most other institutions and make masks optional!

  • tom joseph

    too many new hires do not have a good work ethic, and quit when they find out they have to work weekends and long days. I felt the same when I was hired, but stuck it out.