Postal worker’s rough mail delivery caught on camera

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Liz Bailly thought her Christmas shopping was finished. And it was, until Thursday night’s special delivery.

“I saw it around 10 something and I said what the …? How can he throw my package?,” Bailly said.

The Fort Lauderdale resident thought the noise that she heard was a neighbor banging until she walked outside and saw a package on the ground.

When she picked it up, she said the electronics inside didn’t sound right.

“I said, ‘Why is it making noise? Shattering . . .Why is it in the floor? They usually put packages at my door,” she said.

So, Bailly went to her camera that was placed inside the window of her apartment and saw just how the special delivery was made.

You can hear the thud and the impact. Remember, the camera was inside the window.

“He just flung the package to the chair that I am sitting on. And it fell and I guess the item cracked,” Bailly said.

Source: WATCH: Postal worker’s rough mail delivery caught on camera

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