Document purports to show PMG’s plans for changes to USPS operations

Update: Another email has arrived, claiming that the images are from a PowerPoint presentation shared by a POOM from Ohio last week. Meanwhile, comments on our Facebook page confirm that employees are already being advised of the changes in standup talks.

Looks like it’s real…

We received an email over the weekend with what appears to be a print of a PowerPoint presentation outlining Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s plans for changing the US Postal Service’s operations.

Take the details with a grain of salt- we haven’t been able to verify the validity of the document, and there are a number of spelling and grammar errors that might cast doubt on it.

Tap or click on the individual images to enlarge them.

  • Mac the mailman

    No this is very much legit and real. I thought the same after reading the letter but as mentioned stand up talks are being done on the new changes and this is in fact the second day that we are witnessing this new postal service. The reports and claims are indeed true.

  • Maurice B Gray

    Yep true…im a mailhandler

  • Shirley Maynard

    These are not bad things to me, but I do think they’re top heavy. A manager & two supervisors for a 21? If they moved their daily telecom to the afternoon they would only need one supervisor.

  • Chris Cipa

    These are ideas real private companies would push but guess what, USPS isn’t private yet. So guess what happens when you eliminate all OT, the mail doesn’t go out doesn’t get delivered. So you delay it a day, then the next day something else happens and you delay it again. All the while, the mail and parcels just keep coming so eventually when you have 3 days worth of stuff for a route that needs delivered, IT TAKES 3 people to deliver a 6 hour route instead of the one person. Except now your paying those 3 people overtime instead of just paying the original one person maybe an hour of OT. Postal management is dumb and shortsighted and has no interest in customer service.