Does my postal worker have to wear a mask when delivering the mail?

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Do postal workers have to wear a mask when delivering the mail? It’s a question several WCAX viewers have reached out asking us about.

Matthew Granai of South Burlington says he’s seen one postal worker walking in and out of the Harborview Senior Living Facility without any protective gear. “How hard is it for someone to put a mask on while they run in a building?” said Granai, whose mother lives in the South Burlington nursing home. “I saw the mail delivery happen. And while the mail delivery person was inside, I said goodbye to my mother and I was waiting in my car for the mail delivery person to come out, and asked him, ‘Why no mask?'”

For him, it became personal. He says his concern is not only about the health of his mother, but all of the residents of Harborview. The CDC says older people are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and recommends wearing masks as a way to slow the spread. Granai says if that worker won’t, he thinks someone else should do the job.

Source: Does my postal worker have to wear a mask when delivering the mail?

  • joe

    not required while delivering….mail- carriers are more than socially distant all don’t like it then stay more than 6 ft from the mail-carrier!

  • The Last Patriot


    Wear a mask or don’t come to work!!!!

  • joe

    not required..a mailcarrier is alone all day!

  • The Last Patriot

    USPS policy is to wear a mask. It’s not hard.

  • joe

    NOT..policy is to wear one when you cannot be socially distant! a carrier can be and is

  • joe

    wear in the office..not required while delivering,useless outside when you have to move it like 30 times a day to drink water

  • kinzy

    ONLY if social distancing cant be maintained.

  • Sergio Ramirez

    It’s not required when delivering the mail I should know I’m a mail carrier.

  • ginna

    I am a mail carrier and walking all day wearing a mask you CANT NOT breath we breather harder walking all day then people do standing still i do not wear a mask nor do I get close to people so unless you do our job you can not say what is hard and what is not hard we are not required to wear them if we are socially distant

  • Ginna

    I am a mail carrier and walking all day wearing a mask you CAN NOT breathe we breathe harder Walking all day then someone standing still if you have never done our job you can not say what is hard and what is not i do not wear a mask at all nor to i get close to people we r not required to wear them only when we can socially distance

  • Theresa Rodgers

    Mask not required I’m a carrier. Only in office if social distancing can’t be done

  • Shellie Crawley

    I am also a mail carrier. I can tell you that these masks raise our body temperature because we have no chance of letting cooler air in our bodies with these masks. Let’s not forget the mail trucks (LLVs) have NO air conditioning, which in turn, it makes our bodies have higher temps! Heat strokes are imminent with the requirement of masks!

  • Shellie Crawley

    Until a stimulus check is poised to be delivered…then all these people who have never met their carrier starts the big race to the mail box…please let us do our job at 6 feet away…then you won’t have to worry about a mask!

  • devonvazquez

    I’m also a postal employee a carrier in NYC….unlike you I refuse to wear a mask while I’m walking my route having to climb stairs and so on, when asked “no mask” my response is “mine you business”…you choose to converse with me when theres no need, have a GREAT day…..blessing

  • Alisha

    Im a rural carrier in Mississippi. It is impossible to wear a mask in 100 degree weather. However it would be nice for the customers to stay inside, away from us and allow us to do our jobs instead of meeting us at the door or at the mailbox. We are concerned about our own safty as it is. We dont need people coming around us not knowing if they might have covid19.

  • Theresa Leonard

    I’m a mail carrier in the state of Va and it’s 96 degrees here now. Please be respectful and keep distance so we can do our job. I come home and can’t get enough to drink and that’s after drinking 64+ ouches of water during work hours. Without us you would have no mail or parcels. Most people show respect and offer water and leave notes in boxes to let us know we are appropriated. We have a sign in the front of our P.O. that reads Hero’s Work Here so we do our best and we give it all we have. Please keep your distance and let us provide everyone with great customer service. Thank you!!!

  • phylis

    You can see that the semi-literate postal worker ought to learn e

    English before working in this country.

  • Rose

    All people in New York are required to wear face masks or face coverings in public. That order took effect on April 17.
    Just incase spreading a deadly virus that has killed over 200,000 people wasn’t enough of an incentive to inconvenience yourself.