West Virginia family leaves snacks for postal worker

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Krista Garnes and her son Josiah decided to leave snacks for their mailmen in their mailbox. They left a bottle of water, a carrot cake roll and an orange.

After being home for weeks, a family decided to give back to an essential worker, and he responded with a heartfelt letter.

Last week, the mailman responded with a heartfelt letter thanking the “customer” for their kind gesture.

The letter read, “Thank you so much for the snacks and encouragement,” said Chris the postal worker. “These are sad and dark times we live in. But it’s people like you who shine a wonderful light in this world. You are hope of humanity. You are what the world needs”

Krista says her husband was one of the driving forces behind the good deed. As he is also an essential worker…

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