Coronavirus is straining the post office in NYC

A stagehand who worked in Manhattan said his and his wife’s unemployment benefits were “languishing” on debit cards sent to their post office box in Manhattan, despite repeated requests to forward their mail to Suffolk County, where they are staying.

A college professor on the Upper West Side trying to mail iPads to students said he found his nearest post office was “Closed. Locked up. No sign on the door.”

And an assemblyman from the Bronx said mail service was so bad in his neighborhood that he asked for his paycheck to be sent to his son’s home in a neighboring ZIP code.

The coronavirus outbreak has heightened New Yorkers’ reliance on deliveries as they stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. It has also put a deep strain on the United States Postal Service, whose letter carriers are considered essential workers.

To make matters worse, at least 230 postal employees tested positive for the virus, according to Dave Partenheimer, a public relations manager for the Postal Service.

Bronx lawmakers said they were inundated with complaints from people who had not been getting their medications and paychecks during the crisis.

“They have to redeploy people,” while assuring their safety, Assemblyman Jeffery Dinowitz of the Bronx said. “They have to deal with this.”

A spokesman for the union did not respond to detailed messages about service disruptions in the city.

Source: Coronavirus in N.Y.: Live Updates – The New York Times

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