South Dakota postal worker sues for sexual harassment and retaliation

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls woman, who is marking her 20-year career with the United States Postal Service, is suing her employer in federal court for sexual discrimination and retaliation.

Cindy Ekeren works as a mail clerk at the USPS processing and distribution center on North 4th Avenue in Sioux Falls.

Ekeren is accusing USPS of not following its own policies when it comes to sexual harassment and retaliating against her when she reported what she called a “serial harasser” at work.

Ekeren says in April of 2018, a male co-worker repeatedly asked for her home address so he could come to her home and massage her and he told her that her body was driving him “crazy.”

In court documents, Ekeren says she felt disgusted, anxious and worried about the situation because she could not entirely avoid contact with this co-worker while doing her job.


Ekeren told a female co-worker, who said he had also made unwanted advances toward her, and that he had been previously accused of rape and had also harassed another female USPS employee.

According to the USPS’ own written policy, “managers and supervisors are responsible for preventing harassment and inappropriate behavior could lead to illegal harassment and must respond promptly when they learn of such conduct.”

Months went by and Ekeren says nothing happened.

Ekeren says then she was disciplined for an attendance issue, the first disciplinary action against her in 18 years.

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  • Route 666

    This is the way postal management works. They are trained to Deny, Delay and Discipline. Most lawyers know how they operate, and how dozens of managers will pop up to support each other and muddy the waters of any investigation, trying to turn any claim back on the person filing the complaint. Good luck with your claim, I hope you burn them good.