Charges possible after crash that killed mail carrier

GUN PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Allegan County authorities are looking into whether drowsy driving may have caused the fiery crash that claimed the life of a mail carrier.

Rackley had stopped to drop mail into a mailbox when her vehicle was rear-ended by a pickup truck and shoved into the ditch, where it caught fire. Rackley died at the scene.

“It’s very likely, due to the severity of the impact, that she was at least unconscious after the impact. That’s something the medical examiner report will cover more,” Allegan County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Chris Kuhn told News 8.

On Tuesday, passersby could see a large burn mark in the ditch alongside the mostly unrecognizable parts of the postal vehicle.

One thing investigators look for as the work out what caused a crash is skid marks before the point of impact. There are none at the scene.

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