Mailing holiday packages? Make sure you wrap them the right way

Is holiday mailing on your to-do list? You may think you know how to wrap a package to get it safely through the mail, but Jacque Craig, with Consumer Affairs for the U.S. Postal Service in Alaska, says too often people don’t take the time to wrap packages properly.

That’s a problem, according to Craig, because packages get bumped and jostled during the sorting process and a poorly wrapped box is in danger of coming apart and not reaching its intended destination.

Craig advises starting with a sturdy box. It’s okay to reuse an old box, but make sure old labels are blacked out or removed. The exception are alcohol boxes, which Craig said can’t be shipped through the U.S. mail.

The next step is packing properly. The contents should have a snug fit. Use bubble wrap, newspaper or other packing material to take up empty space.

“Because the less movement, the better chance that there is not going to be anything happening,” Craig said.

Source: Mailing holiday packages? Make sure you know the best way to wra – KTVA 11 – The Voice of Alaska