NRLCA, USPS agree to allow regulars to volunteer for Sunday work during Christmas period

The National Rural Letter Carriers has announced that the NRLCA and the USPS have agreed to allow regular rural carriers to volunteer for Sunday work during the Christmas period:


In order to fulfill our service commitments to our customers during the 2019 holiday season, particularly for package delivery, the parties have agreed to a limited modification to Article 8.1, which prohibits regular rural carriers working on Sunday.

For the following Sundays, December 8, 15, and 22, 2019, regular rural carriers may volunteer to work on Sunday. Managers will ask for volunteer regular rural carriers who wish to work on these three Sundays. Volunteering to work on these identified Sundays does not provide a guarantee or entitlement to work on these days. Regular rural carriers who volunteer may be utilized, as needed, to deliver packages on any route(s) in the office.

Prior to scheduling a regular rural carrier who has volunteered for Sunday work as identified in this MOU, management must first schedule all assistant rural carriers (ARCs), who are assigned to either the hub or associated spoke offices; and then all available leave replacements in the office, including stations, branches, and any remotely-managed post offices (RMPO). Volunteer regular rural carriers will be scheduled for Sunday work on a rotating basis by seniority, following the scheduling of ARCs and leave replacements as outlined above.

If, after all volunteer regular rural carriers in the office are working on Sunday, there is still a need for additional rural carriers, management may borrow leave replacements from other offices.

Regular rural carriers will be compensated at the overtime rate pursuant to Article 9.2.A.1.k., for hours worked on the Sundays listed above. Sunday work hours are to be recorded in the Actual Weekly Hours block on PS Form 1314 and also annotated in the Daily Overtime block.

The provisions set forth in this MOU are limited to the Sundays as specified above and will not set precedence in same or similar issues in pending grievances or in the future. Additionally, these provisions will not be cited by either party in any collective bargaining proceedings to include negotiations, national level grievances, rights and interest arbitration.

The MOU is available on the NRLCA web site in .pdf format.