Neighbors, postal worker help rescue Ohio woman being attacked by dog

AMHERST, Ohio (WJW) — Quick action by a neighbor and postal carrier helped save a woman who was attacked by her 100 pound dog. The woman was taken to the hospital and is home recovering after undergoing two surgeries, one on each of her arms.

33-year-old Janae Presutto-Canon says around noon Wednesday, she heard her dog, Zeus, a 16-month-old Cane Corso yelping in the back yard. She says when she went outside to check on him, his paw was stuck underneath part of the fence. Right before she reached him, Zeus jumped up and latched onto her arm with his jaws.

“That’s when I heard her screaming, ‘Oh my God, help me. He’s biting me, he’s biting me, help me, help me,” recalls neighbor Linda Morrow.

The longtime neighbor says as she approached, Zeus attacked his owner again.

At that time, postal carrier Alex Uber, was making his daily rounds through the neighborhood and heard the commotion.

“I looked over the fence, I put my mailbag down, put the mail on the ground and I hopped over the fence to look. I was peeking over the top and I could see her being dragged by the dog,” said Uber.

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