New Mailing Process for Cremated Remains Effective Sept 30, 2019

September 10, 2019

Effective September 30, the Postal Service will implement an improved process for shipping Cremated Remains.

Currently, customers can ship Cremated Remains without visible markings. This has resulted in damage during processing and untimely deliveries. The new process for mailing Cremated Remains will enhance the shipping process and create a better experience for our customers.

Introducing new requirements for shipping Cremated Remains increases visibility making the mailing process more secure through the postal network.

The following steps have been taken to improve visibility of these shipments during processing and transportation.

  1. Customers shipping Cremated Remains (human and animal ashes), both Domestic and International, must use Priority Mail Express (PME) service only.
  2. Cremated Remains packages mailed via the Priority Mail Express service will be limited to only four shipping options:
    • Signature Required
    • Signature Waived
    • Return Receipt and
    • Additional Insurance
  3. Customers are also required to use the new Label 139, Cremated Remains, a modified version of the current Label 139. The new label will be larger in size and changed to a bright orange color. Customers can also use the new Priority Mail Express Cremated Remains box (BOX-CRE). The customer or retail clerk will be required to affix the new Label 139 to ALL FOUR SIDES, PLUS THE TOP AND BOTTOM, of the PME box. If the customer chooses to use their own packaging, they must adhere to the same labeling guidelines.
  4. There will be optional Cremated Remains Kits available for order by customers from the Postal Store on The Cremated Remains Kit will include shipping materials needed for shipping Cremated Remains.
  5. The Cremated Remains supplies includes the following items:
    • Label 139, Cremated Remains
    • Kit 1 – PME Cremated Remains Box with a roll of PME tape
    • Kit 2 – PME Cremated Remains Kit – which includes the PME Cremated Remains Box, A roll of PME tape, a self-sealing plastic bag, bubble cushioning, and a copy of Publication 139, How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains

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