Homeless deliver problems to Mar Vista Post Office

MAR VISTA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A growing number of homeless encampments near their neighborhood post office has some Mar Vista residents complaining about health and safety concerns.

“Steer clear of the post office for sure,” said Mar Vista resident Elise Varnell.

The parking lot and sidewalks surrounding the U.S. Postal Service office at the corner of Grand View and Venice is speckled with tents, shopping carts and makeshift shelters. Residents say hypodermic needles – both new and used – are literally piling up in some spots.

“They’re just scattered everywhere,” said Mar Vista business owner Demetrios Mavromichalis. “Why are we seeing these all over town? They’re in the post office, they’re in the intersections. It’s like somebody’s dropping boxes of needles off.”

Source: Homeless deliver problems to Mar Vista Post Office | abc7.com