Trump “orders” US companies to leave China, also “orders” USPS to search all packages from China for drugs. Markets plunge.

From The Independent:

Donald Trump has issued an “order” to US companies to withdraw from China, as he suggested his own appointment as Federal Reserve chairman was a greater threat to the economy than Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

However he gave no details of how he could compel US companies to follow his “order”.

The president also said he was “ordering” Fed Ex, Amazon, UPS and the US Postal Service to begin searching for fentanyl in all packages from China.

His Twitter outburst, which came shortly after China announced its latest retaliation in the ongoing trade war, prompted the US stock market to plunge more than 400 points, or 1.6 per cent,

Source: Trump orders US companies to leave China ‘immediately’ in extraordinary attack on Fed chief | The Independent