Milwaukee postal worker fired for throwing mail in dumpster

SHOREWOOD, Wis. — A Milwaukee postal worker is out of a job after throwing mail into a dumpster.

For the Shorewood neighborhood south of Capitol Drive, the afternoon mail never arrived Monday. The woman filling in for the route’s regular carrier decided to throw it out.

“That’s a problem. That’s a significant problem,” Debbie Richards who lives on the route said.

“Maybe she took care of my junkmail for me. Let’s hope it was that,” Ami Inoue who also lives on the route said.

According to the Inspector General’s Office for the U.S. Postal Service, which investigates mail theft by postal workers, it was more than just junk mail in the trash.

The situation concerns neighbors like Ellie Wickman. She relies only on the mail for her bills and healthcare information.

“If we don’t get it in the mail, I wouldn’t notice it,” Wickman said.

The Office of the Inspector General said the letter carrier was newly hired, still in their probationary period, and temporarily filling in on that route. On Wednesday, she was fired.

Source: Postal worker fired for throwing out mail in Shorewood

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