Residents of Louisiana town accuse USPS of lying about delivery “attempts”

For several months, Eyewitness News has been covering mail issues across the metro area, and this time you may be puzzled after hearing what one Lakeview man says he was doing when a postal carrier “attempted to deliver” an order.

“It was a pair of binoculars,” said Daryl Thibodaux.

“I was home all day. I stayed home, I cut the grass and, you know, 7:30 (p.m.) I get a text saying ‘unable to deliver package.’”

The email that came from the United States Postal Service said there was a delivery attempt at 3:54 p.m.

“I was home, and I have cameras and there wasn’t anyone trying to make a delivery the entire day,” Thibodaux said.

“The guy from USPS says I was on vacation and asked to hold my package.”

Thibodaux said he never told anyone he would be on vacation. He was promised the package would be out by Tuesday. But Tuesday came, and he got another email. This time the email said, ” Carrier is unable to gain access to front door to deliver package.

That puzzled Thibodaux. He pointed out that there’s no fence in front of his home and that other carriers have had no problems. He’s not alone when it comes to delivery delays as he found out after posting about the problem on a neighborhood social media page.

“It started getting bombarded with the exact same story,” he said.

Source: Lakeview residents question false U.S. Post Office delivery alerts |

  • Robocop5626

    Have the same issue here on this rural route. She acknowledges only leaving pickup notices for my packages. Her reason? She doesn’t have enough room in her vehicle for packages and the mail. Rural carriers pick their own vehicles to deliver mail and get a USPS stipend for maintenance. Plus their routes are set in a contract amount of payment. If they finish early they get paid the same amount. So she should make a second package delivery swing on the route as it is in her delivery duties. Or she could rent a van for holiday mail volume and packages.

  • DeCouseau Zhoyieerre

    This happens because management intimidates carriers with discipline and eventual termination to get finished and off the clock by a certain time. Management have financial incentives in the form of end or the year bonuses if they meet production quotas as in more work done in less amount of time. It is similar to that ” I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy and Vivian were working putting chocolates in boxes coming down a conveyor belt. At first everything was going smoothly until the speed of the conveyor gradually increased to a pace where Lucy and Vivian could no longer keep up and the whole place turned into a disaster.

  • DeCouseau Zhoyieerre

    What is happening to you would happen to everyone in rural areas If Trump’s proposal of privatizing the Postal Service is approved by Congress. Your rural carrier is making a rational decision based on maximizing her profits. Renting a second van would eat into her profits. Making two trips would also eat into her profits because of extra fuel costs. If a private company took over the Postal Service this would happen everywhere in rural America. People in rural areas would no longer get universal door service due to negative profitablity facing private companies in servicing rural areas.

  • Robocop5626

    This happens to everyone on her route now that gets a parcel. She is paid to deliver them when received. FedEx and UPS came here before using USPS as their last mile option. It saves money now, but will cost them more in the long run. If I have to drive to town to get my package at the post office, I could just have bought what I ordered in town. Look for Amazon to eventually roll out their own nonunion delivery fleet. FedEx and UPS will home deliver to keep what business they can.

  • DeCouseau Zhoyieerre

    She doesn’t care and the management doesn’t care. The top brass has been closing down post offices all across the country for cost cutting measures to eliminate jobs. As the quality of service goes down more people will stop using the USPS creating a self reenforcement cycle of downward spiraling revenue in which the Top Brass will use as a rational for cutting more service and eliminating more jobs. Eventually service detoriates to a critical crisis point where the USPS collapses thereby justifying the US Government in handing over the USPS to private for profit entities. This has been going on for years as public infrastructure built with taxpayers money such as roads, water and sewer systems, public utilities has been sold and auctioned off to private for profit entities as big investors look for new captive stable revenue streams.