Pay Equity: A Major Victory for Canada Post’s Rural Mail Carriers

Ottawa – Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) have finally won their long battle for pay equity. Arbitrator Flynn’s final decision confirms that Canada Post must put an end to the economic injustice faced by RSMCs. “After years of struggle, we are happy to finally have the recognition that there was a profound injustice at Canada Post,” said Nancy Beauchamp, member of the Pay Equity Committee.

Arbitrator Flynn’s decision comes after months of difficult negotiations. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has successfully established a process to permanently close the wage gap between the RSMCs and the letter carriers of the urban bargaining unit.
“No one should have to negotiate with their employer to ensure they comply with the law. Pay equity has been the law of the land for decades. It’s time for the real enforcement of pay equity for all,” added Barb McMillan, another member of the Pay Equity Committee.
RSMCs earn 28% less than urban letter carriers. There could not be a more striking example of pay inequity than that of the RSMCs at Canada Post. Members of this group, composed mainly of women, have inferior working conditions while essentially doing the same work as their urban counterparts.

“This decision is a major step forward in our long struggle to obtain justice for the RSMCs. We have achieved equity, but not yet equality. Equality is part of the ongoing collective bargaining process,” concluded Cathy Kennedy, also member of the Pay Equity Committee.

Pay Equity: A Major Victory for Rural Mail Carriers (PDF)

Pay Equity Decision: RSMCs Were Right!!! (PDF)