More than 200 National Security Veterans Demand Answers in Response to USPS Release of Former CIA Officer’s Confidential Information

WASHINGTON, DC — More than 200 national security veterans—including those who served in uniform as well as in the intelligence, diplomatic, law enforcement, and policy communities—have demanded answers regarding the release of the confidential national security questionnaire, or SF-86, of Abigail Spanberger, who served as a CIA case officer until 2014. The former national security professionals signed an open letter to Office of Personnel Management Director Dr. Jeff T.H. Pon and Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, noting that the Trump administration has yet to provide an adequate explanation for this apparent breach. Among the signatories are many National Security Action Advisory Council and Network members.

The signers wrote: “We have yet to hear an adequate explanation as to why Ms. Spanberger’s sensitive personal information was released and subsequently made public by House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Political Action Committee, the Congressional Leadership Fund.” Acknowledging the release could have been the result of a single individual’s error, the signatories noted that it would be peculiar for the first victim of such a colossal mistake to be Ms. Spanberger, the Democratic nominee in a competitive U.S. House of Representatives race in Virginia. They added: “To be clear, Ms. Spanberger’s current political ambitions should have absolutely nothing to do with the obligation of the Executive Branch to safeguard her personal and confidential information.”

You can read the full letter here